How to keep the good look every morning?


Keeping the right look, what exactly does it mean? it just means how to stay bright let’s say jovially every morning before leaving your house. This is a very interesting factor when you know that the good look brings positive vibes, especially in a sentimental relationship but it is not only about feeling because the good look also gives you confidence in yourself when you walk in the streets in search of a job, it allows you to be respected, to easily have contacts and even to sell in the field of physical customer relations. Thus, it becomes more than essential to have a good look before leaving your house in search of a bonus for your own life.



To keep a good look, the secret lies in several points to know: sleep well, get up about an hour and a minute before your departure, take your usual bath, do your beauty routine, and put on clothes depending on where you are going.


Sleeping well is the first factor to waking up in a good mood because you will have had time to test your memory and your body to wake up at the top ready to face the day. Thus, medicine recommends eight hours of sleep time and preferably twenty-two hours maximum in the evening because for people who sleep after midnight, it is difficult to wake up in the morning before eight o’clock.



Getting up at least one hour and thirty minutes before departure is essential why? because this time is divided into thirty minutes for the next steps that will follow namely thirty minutes to take your bath, thirty minutes for your beauty routine, and thirty minutes to get dressed before heading to your means of transport. However, we have not omitted people who have children! in this case, allow extra time to take care of your children.

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We enter more and more into the field of good looks as well, start the general brushing of your teeth that is to say all the teeth from bottom to top to the tongue then, start with a body bath with warm water because warm baths are the most advisable even in the dry season because warm water purifies the skin more, improves blood circulation and destroys fat inside and outside the body.

Accompany your bath with a moisturizing soap or shower gel to refresh the epidermis and at the end, lightly dry your body using your cotton towel to allow your still damp skin to better absorb the body milk you will put on it.


Water is a relaxant and quickly conducts nutrients into our body so it quickly accompanies any substance in the body and on the body for immediate effect. Finish with a moisturizing milk to bring your skin to life.

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In terms of beauty routine, this is the little beauty that you need to practice every day before leaving your home. It represents the third phase of your good looks effect. It involves using a makeup remover according to your skin type to prepare the skin of your face to receive the face cream that will plump your skin. Then, quickly done, a matte lipstick, eyebrows traced with a blade to wax and the essential final touch: the blush to give a touch of happiness to the face and preferably red color if you are black skin, and pink or bronze color if you are fair skin. Top it’s perfect to start looking for how to dress.

We want to clarify that here the makeup was very light because the more natural you are, the more beautiful you are. So effect good look to natural yes it works …




This is the last parameter but not negligible! We will even say the most important although a bright face like above accompanies your garment more. Thus, depending on where you go, put on clothes that respect the environment. Example: suits, loincloth fabrics that cover your entire body for a job application or a job interview.

 Sexy outfits, open back, bling bling effect for nightclubs and show biz venues.

Relaxed outfits such as peasant skirts, loincloth pants, jeans, fashion tops that cover your body for walks and visits with friends.

For your hairstyle, it depends just like the clothing of the place where you are going

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Here are a few steps on how to make a good look depending on where you’re headed and earn the most out of your visit. It’s up to you.

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By Christelle Fashion

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