How To Get Hired To Your Dream Job



It’s pretty obvious, that Filipinos are one-of-a-kind workers. We are in every corner of the world, getting ahead of other races. We delve into a variant of industries where we excel most of the time. Our physique may look different from Americans and Euros but Filipino skills are tremendously known and a globally competitive hundred percent Asian. These are proven worldwide whether you like it or not, though how small our country is, our race shouts our image. So let’s talk about your dream job.

Suggestion For a Dream Job

Despite such a title, we should not compromise such assumptions. Talking about local employment, as an applicant, we should present ourselves in the most appealing way as they say, “the first impression lasts”. It’s a tactic as we step on that we are being scrutinized already by the people inside we are about to deal with so you have to plan for that impression of yours so, what image are you going to pull out? Are you up for something professional, casual, or just a be-yourself outfit? I suggest you must choose an image of someone who can deal with different types of people. So what type are they probably? Professionals. Yup.


Wearing a professional fabric has this intense aura on hiring an employee. Of course, the clothes speak for it and more importantly, how confident are you on that? It’s also considerable to choose your fit-in-color code. So, it’s not just, “Okay to. Parang ang witty ng dating ko dito.” No, erase that word culture. You need a well-thought-out plan for that especially, the color combination. It’s really significant so they wouldn’t judge you like, ”wtf”. Yeah it really happens most of the time and personally, I’ve witnessed such and it turns out really inappropriate. Choose the best color of the day as much as possible. That’s why I recommend you this top. (See photos below)

Sultry classy vibe got you to this angle as the little pearls flaunt your word of success.
Frontal pace speaks for who you are vibe

This Long Sleeve Chiffon Blouse fits for this showery season so, if you are the type of not-getting-another-clothes-on-top like me, this one is for you. Plus, I love the pink color (the white color is waving also) and its plain classy style with the string of pearls on both sides of arms’ length, on the go for any event-like. This one is really good. You can have it discounted for Php 331.00 @diyesclothes on Facebook and Instagram. Imagine, you can have the image you wanted for a very affordable yet worth its price. This is what ladies need for the Showery OOTD on Pink.

Variant colors shout for the mood back pace leaves a mark on your work


So being confident about how good you look gives you extra points for you to be hired. Choosing your outfit for this kind of event must really be thought off wisely and must always be present anytime whenever you got the stage.

By Daisyrie Bauyon

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