How to Get Clear Acne Free Skin~ Doctor’s View


There are so many treatments on the market for acne these days and it gets a little hard to know what works and what does not. So here we will cut through the noise and discuss how to get clear acne free skin from a doctor’s view.

How to Get Clear Acne-Free Skin


1) Drink water

Water is the main component of the body. Drink at least 7-10 glasses of water each day. This will keep your skin fresh and clean.
Medical fact: water helps to remove toxins and waste material from your body through the kidneys.

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2) Cleanse your face

Cleaning your face is imp to remove dirt from your skin and open pores. Wash your face multiple times a day. Also, cleansing is necessary at least thrice a week
When to cleanse: wash your face every time you have sweating on your face and a washing facility is available or you come back home. Cleanse at night before going to bed.

Medical fact: open pores collect dirt and oil and this causes acne. Washing the face will help avoid acne

3) Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Exercise regularly. Sweating cleanses your skin and maintains the healthy pH of the skin, removing dirt. It increases blood circulation to the skin.

Medical fact: exercise early in the morning or at night before meals. Exercise at least 15-20 min daily. This increases blood circulation and gets you clear skin. As increased blood circulation clears bacteria and other toxins.

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4) Eat fresh for ance free skin

Vegetables and fruits are necessary for fresh skin. Eat fresh and look fresh ????
Medical fact: Eat cucumber, tomatoes, green leafy veggies, bananas, citrus fruits, eggs, etc. Eat veggies and fruits with high water content and your skin will glow.


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5) Consult a doctor

Last but not the least, if you have problematic skin not settling with any home remedies, do consult a doctor. Don’t start over-the-counter medication all by yourself. You first have to find out the exact cause of your acne e.g and then get treatment.

Medical fact: Most common type of acne is acne vulgaris, which subsides easily with home remedies and simple treatment options.

By Mrs Sultan

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