As someone who lives in a larger body, I know that sometimes we’re made to feel that nice underwear and pretty lingerie aren’t for us. We’re told to wear flattering shapes, hide some curves – but show off the right ones. The fact that it can feel impossible to find nice underwear in bigger sizes doesn’t help; especially if you’re shopping on the high street! However, I’m a firm believer in forgetting the rules and wearing what you feel comfortable and confident in. Here are some tips on how to feel confident wearing lingerie when you’re plus size.


Remember Where You Are

Often we choose to wear this type of underwear when we’re sharing romantic times with someone special. The important thing to remember is that they already like your body, so seeing it wrapped up in some beautiful lingerie is only going to enhance the experience. I know that many people feel nervous when at this stage, but the person you’re sharing this time with already knows how big your body is – dressing it up in some sexy lingerie isn’t going to dampen the experience – trust me.

Buy Something That Fits

I know it can be tough to find sexy lingerie in your size, but try to shop around and get something that fits well. You want to be wearing something that feels comfortable to wear and not something that is going to be digging in and rolling up all the time. In fact, this goes for all underwear and not just lingerie – get measured, experiment, and know that your body, whatever its size, deserves beautiful underwear that you don’t dread putting on because you know it is going to squeeze and pinch.

Take It Slowly.  

Wearing lingerie when you’re not used to it can feel like a big step, so go easy on yourself. There is nothing wrong with wearing a cover-up or only wearing lingerie for yourself while you admire what you look like in the mirror. When you’re not familiar with seeing your body in this way it can seem unusual – so take some time to get to know your body and what it looks like in nice lingerie. I think the most important thing to remember is that there are no rules – so do what feels best for you and your body. However, please don’t let the size of your clothes dictate the clothing that you wear.  

By Sara Khan

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