I am currently looking for clothes to wear while I’m looking for a job. While I currently am below the threshold, it is becoming evident that I will be seeking a job in the next 3–4 months, and every time I hit Pinterest and am looking for clothes, I see quite a few outfits. While I am reading clothing labels and coloring-based clothing, I notice that trends do not repeat. I notice that companies often partner with brands that are still experimenting with their newest creations. These brands get to test and profit from new trends that they believe will be appealing to the target market or customer.

Another similarity between the fashion industry and fashion industry is the commonality with the summer season. It is important to change your outfit depending on the environment or the weather in the city you are in. It is also important that you know your style and what the colors are, and try to show off what makes you unique and makes you feel confident in your own skin. I have been trying to emulate a fashion sense for a few years now. I did not realize what a huge deal it is to dress well, or that you can dress in many different ways. So with that, here are my musings on the subject that are slowly becoming clearer.

In summer, I have been looking to dress in shorts or casual shirts. I have gone through a few phases and dabbled in a lot of different styles with pants in and jeans out. In summer, it can be difficult to see yourself in clothes, especially if the weather is hot. While I have looked for clothes to wear when I am forgoing my personal style, I have looked for jeans or dresses.

The different reasons I have come across for this experiment have been the difference and rotating weeks in terms of the weather and the newest trends that I am looking for. Then again, I also realized I had long hair that is tied up with rope in winter. This meant I had a first preference, as well as a second preference, in clothing. When I dress in jeans in the winter, it is to hide my body fat. I have never been great at dressing myself well, but I am trying to learn and keep up with trends for my own personal personality.

I love sports outfits, so I look for other apparel in various sports brands that not only show off the clothes properly but help me to fit in the ideal brand that suits my personality and interests. However, I do not have enough knowledge in business or corporate to know that I do not have to wear my jeans all the time or wear a sports-wear type outfit, just because I would be appropriate for my job.

However, I do understand the significance of showing off what makes me different or what defines me to a large extent. Wear jeans with pullover tops or pair loose pants with skirts or jumpsuits. Wear t-shirts as loose tops, if you feel confident and comfortable in them.

Oftentimes, it is not too much to go for a wardrobe that can show off each outfit with creative accessories or clothes that can say a lot about you and your personality. Wear casual shirts or dresses in summer. Outfit pieces can be anything from an open shirt, blazer, or tie that you get from a boutique to your favorite pair of vintage shorts with high-waisted pants with espadrilles and sport a pair.


In the cold winter season, I now dress for either a day walking around or indoors. Outfit pieces like blankets, slippers, tights, tights & jeans are suitable for weather at any time. So while I do not work remotely and mostly work in offices, I do prefer dressing for summer in linen, shorts, washed-out t-shirts, leggings, or plaid shirts. It does not matter what I choose as long as it brings me a little warmth or comfort. In the summer or Winter season, be it shorts, pants, dresses, dresses, skirts, etc.

choose the outfit pieces that you can display from your wardrobe and promote the thought that you are the girl that can put together an outfit whether it is a date,

going on a walk, shopping for yourself, or even an interview. Whether it be with jeans, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, or vests, with shorts, dresses, skirts, shorts, etc.

By Sam’s Store

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