How to Dress Yourself


Clothes can boost confidence or bring comfort. Read this blog as I share with you some tips on how to properly dress yourself.

Formal Dressing:

 Treat it like a performance day at work

 Pair your black dress shirts with a pair of slouchy jeans that make your outfit look laid back but classy!

Casual Dressing:

 Treat it like any other day in school, going for a run or a walk with your friends

 The polo shirt with jeans is the summer side of the casual dress

 Pair your blazer with a pair of practical jeans, and pair your t-shirt with a pair of skinny jeans!

 Pair a worn-out orange t-shirt with faded skinny jeans and fuzzy socks to be super comfy but trendy at the same time

 Pair your faded jeans with slouchy tights!


 Wear a herringbone blazer over loose-fitting jeans with white sneakers to be dressed up!

 Flared jeans or sweatpants with a basic tee, and slouchy t-shirts in summer

Traditional Dressing:

 We should wear coordinated silk suits or linen suits, wearing a patterned silk shirt underneath in your work uniform

 Wear shirts, like modish or trendy

 Wear a man-tailored jacket with pants underneath

 Go with proper tailoring in long suits, and they can make a formal look

 Wear a formal blazer and loafers, matching your pocket handkerchief

 Include necklaces and cuffs in your look


 Put on gold accessories and watches to complement your look

 Wear silk earrings or necklaces with bangles on and to show off your bracelets or rings

 Wear tailored shorts or long skirts, wide-brimmed glasses to show off the glasses

 Cut your hair in a class, and take care not to get yourself into trouble

 Wear women’s hats over your head like James McAvoy

 Wear a sophisticated face mask to keep you from spreading anything or anyone around you

 Wear a pair of gray flannel trousers

 Wear the chic most designer jeans

 Carry your phone in your pocket or attach it to a necklace


 Wear scarves draped around your neck to add a vintage feel to your wardrobe

 Pair matching necklace and earrings to your outfit

 Pair a matching silk bathrobe to your outfit, don’t forget to give your outfit an effortless look

 Show off your attire in all its glory with a bold statement lip gloss, and let a pair of khaki trousers tick your toes

 Dress like a boss in a casual suit, with paired wingtips. Know how to make these trousers last on you as they will in the office!

 Layer your t-shirt that gives a subtle approach to the outfit. Pair your blazer with a bright vest, curling at the bottom. Your hair should be shined and be parted neatly down the middle. Keep your jewelry to the required level to keep your arm chic!


 Wear your moistest dresses or a blazer over your peplum pants to make your outfit look like a dress!

 Pair your ensemble with a pair of cross-body bags to bring along any office supplies, as well as what you will be carrying to work. The sweetener to your outfit is the bright snap-back peplum pants!

 Be reminded of why you fell in love with the dress code in the first place, and don’t mind that you will not be able to wear it when you go to work

 Wear any black cloth shorts or knitted leggings to work; don’t forget to remember that your work uniform could be similarly colored. This outfit will not look out of place for any of you!

 Pair your blazer with a basic tank, and let it show off your tummy if you chose to do so!


 Pair your polo shirt with a pair of lightweight, loose-fitting tights!

 Pair your ripped skinny jeans with a vintage dress shirt.


By: Sam’s Store

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