How to dress for your internship


When starting an internship, you ask yourself which dress code is appropriate. The dressing for an internship can either be casual or official depending on the department. An internship might seem minor but your dress can lead to either getting a full-time job after interning or just finishing and leaving. The following tips will help with internship dressing. Here, we will talk about How to dress for your internship.

The first impression is everything so dress for your internship to impress.

On the first day start with a good impression, wear a nice length skirt or dress if you’re a lady and a button-up shirt and official trousers. Orientation might be done on this day and you’ll be in contact with several people and a first impression will say a lot about you.

dress for your internship

Comfortable shoes.

As an intern, most of the work may involve walking around from one office to another as you get to know the workplace. Wearing comfortable shoes will be the ideal thing to do. For the ladies, nice flat shoes will be safe as it can be a long day of walking and working.

Ironed clothes

Being smart is everyone’s dream. You can’t go to a workplace with wrinkles on your clothes, it shows how lazy you could be and very unprofessional. Iron the clothes and it will show how smart you are.

Don’t overdress

If you’re a make-up lover, consider keeping it low. Don’t wear extreme colored lipstick or eyeshadow, it’s an internship and not a date. A simple pair of earrings and a necklace will do, leave the big and sparkly earrings you wore to party for other occasions.

A watch will do

Most of us love looking at our phones when asked, what time is it?’ while interning, consider wearing a watch to avoid looking at the phone. Others may think you’re waiting for a certain text message which might be annoying.


The most important thing to wear while interning is a smile. You’re not fully dressed however smart until you put on that smile. An office has a lot of people so smiling will make networking easy.


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