How to Develop a Captivating Dressing Sense


So, you’re a person who has a closet full of expensive and glamorous clothes, attractive shoes, and bold accessories. Or you might be a person who doesn’t have much in his closet, just some clothes! But in both cases, whenever you dress up you feel something missing, you feel a gap, you are not satisfied with your dressing even the people around you don’t get attracted to you. Have you ever wondered why? It’s simple! You might have heard the word “dressing sense” and you are lagging in that sense. But don’t worry as a human we have one amazing quality and that is we can learn things! So just like that you will learn and develop a good dressing sense that will level up your personality.

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Dressing Sense 101

Mine-in your personality:

The first step is to define your personality, while choosing clothes to wear keep insight into your body mass and structure, your body color, your height, hairstyle, eye color, and other related aspects, let me give you an example, if you’re a skinny person, don’t wear skin-tight clothes these will make you look more underweighted. So, choose the appropriate fitting of your clothes according to your body structure, and the same thing goes for the other aspects like color, height, etc.


The next major aspect that you must consider while choosing an outfit is the occasion, you cannot wear the same kind of outfit on every occasion, to keep it simple I would say there are three major sorts of dressings categories, first on is the formal dressing then it comes the semi-formal dressing and lastly it comes to the non-formal dressing.

Now, look! For a wedding, you might choose formal dressing which is preferable but you can also go with the semi-formal one, but wearing a non-formal attire at an event like a wedding is wrong. To gain this idea of what to wear on what occasion! Observe the people around you, and see what they are wearing, moreover to get more authentication you can look this thing into social media, it’s filled with posts and pictures of experts that can easily make you able to understand the process.

The right color:

You might get confused while choosing the right color combination for your outfit right? And that ultimately brings you to wear a BLACK outfit. I admit that black is a universal color in every item we choose from cars to clothes and other things but look around there are dozens of colors around you just need to pick up the right one, but how will you pick one?

It is simple to go for earthy and natural colors first, like white, blue, green, brown, maroon, and Gary, these colors will help you to be soluble in the situation and the environment, for example, two people are coming toward you on a formal occasion like a meeting, one is wearing brown colored shoes while another person is wearing a neon-colored shoe, the second person will stand out from the surrounding of an office but would look too awkward. So, go for decent colors that fit the surrounding.

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You can say it’s the basic factor that counts in every situation, always keep yourself clean and hygienic, wear a clean outfit including the shoe, most people miss this part, they are well dressed but their dusty shoes spoil their image. Keep in sight to wear clean, especially while wearing light colors.



Accessories works like a bold booster in your overall appearance and outfit, they make you look more prominent and sharper and it upgrades your overall appearance and dressing sense. So, you must carry some basic accessories with you like a watch (the most important one), a ring, sunglasses, and bracelets. Just to give yourself a more manly look.

So! Here were some of the basics to develop or improve a good dressing sense, the idea here is just to give you a direction, the rest of it is up to you, create your own outfit rules for yourself because you are unique, you are wonderful.

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By Sheharyar Tahir

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