How to Be Eco-Conscious Without Spending Big Bucks


How to Be Eco-Conscious Without Spending Big Bucks

Various groups have been trying to save the world from the worsening global warming crisis, fashionistas from all over have been declaring saving the world with fashion, be it through eco-conscious organic clothing green-themed campaigns, and leather alternatives. Though the cause is a noble one, it is also a double-edged sword: these pieces of clothing and bags can actually cost more than their synthetic counterparts, and for the jaded ones, could be interpreted as marketing gimmicks to make the average consumer spend more. In local industry, however, this can be more difficult, as they are highly dependent on imports, and being environmentally aware of how one dresses is far from the majority’s mindset. And though eco-fashion is possible but difficult, we can do a few things for starters:

As an alternative to plastic bags, there’s an old bag waiting to be used that’s lurking in the back of your closet, just make sure it’s easy to clean and lightweight enough when you fill it with groceries, like an old woven straw bag or washable nylon tote.

Go vintage. Whether it’s a designer piece from a high-end vintage store, a keepsake handed down by your grandmother, or a bargain find more wearers and uses per item of clothing mean fewer resources used to make new items of clothing.

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Rework clothes. many designers are willing to rework old pieces to make them look modern. Or you can also convert old clothing by cutting frayed jeans into shorts.

Handwash and hang dry – you’ll also cut down on electricity bills in the process.

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And lastly…..Give your clothes away. As the popular saying goes, “Someone’s trash can be someone else’s treasure”.



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By Bing Cortez

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