How I Discovered My Dressing Style


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Part 1.

At first, it was all a joke. Discovering my dressing style took quite a while. At 15, bitter, full of hatred and anger, because of my sister’s passing, I lost all faith in life. It slowly changed into depression and thus started the thing of dressing how I felt. 

Fridays at school were dressed-down days. Most kids would dress up in their best, casual, most trendy clothes. As for me, I felt like shit, so I pretty much dressed like it. A pair of old, faded, torn sweat pants with the same T-shirt I’ve worn all semester, and different socks, with a pair of dirty denim shoes. Normally such kids would be bullied, but I was different, I had quite the attitude and temper which made getting close to me a big flex.

Much didn’t happen that year, or at least I didn’t notice anything around me. It was like a dark cloud was hovering above me the entire time. While kids my age were having fun, going out, exploring, and learning the beauty of life, I was drowning in sadness. I’d ask to go out but living with strict African parents who are Christian, is something else. As my friends had social lives, I was made to stay at home like a prisoner and keep getting reminded of what a miserable life I had.

Like for Part 2.

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By: Miss K

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