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When it comes to skincare goals, natural home remedies are often the best way to go. Now when it comes to facial skin in my humble opinion natural home remedies are the only way to go. Spending hard-earned money for the next miracle skincare is usually going to leave you with a lot of promise and little results. In this article, I will tell you about some amazing home remedies for beautiful facial skin.

There are some natural  home remedies :


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Honey is a natural moisturizer and you can apply 2 tablespoons of Honey on the face to keep away wrinkles.


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Rosewater uses natural ingredients to give a soothing effect on your skin. Mix 2 tablespoons of rosewater and use cotton balls and apply to your face.


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Banana is good for all types of skin. For oily skin apply a mixture of honey, banana, and oats. To fix acne apply a pack of ripe banana, baking soda, and lemon juice.


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Besan is good for the skin when you combine besan with turmeric and also add milk. And then apply it on your face directly.


 Blends egg white with yogurt and then apply it to your face and it is a perfect combo for almost every skin type.


Yogurt is a natural ingredient that is very good for your skincare. Simply blend yogurt, honey and turmeric, and milk and apply to damaged skin.

Beauty Sleep:

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Beauty sleep is not just great for your skin but essential for health.  Make sure you get at least 8 hours a day of sleep and it will give you beautiful glowing skin.


Cucumber :

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For dry skin or dark circles, cucumber is excellent for treatment. Use a cucumber slice and put it on your eyes. You can also blend of your cucumber into a fine paste and apply it directly to your skin.


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Oats works as an anti-aging for the skin. It also helps to treat dry and itchy skin as well as a moisturizer.


The almond is good for the face and also for health. It moisturizes your skin and keeps it acne-free. It also helps in reducing stretch marks and dark circles.

Stay hydrated:

Always drink plenty of water to stay hydrated it will give you glowing skin.

In conclusion, you really do not need to spend a lot of money to treat yourself to the best facial care money can buy. Simply take advantage of the all-natural products many homes have laying around the house and the results will speak for themselves. Don’t forget to get plenty of rest and drink plenty of water and you will have a warm healthy glow all day long.

By Rida Khan

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