Hippie’s Fashion Trends that are Totally Back in Style


One of our great regrets in life is that we weren’t around to go to Woodstock the hippie’s fashion trends. But just because we missed out on the legendary hippies gathering of 1969 doesn’t mean we can’t channel it in our style choices. If you’ve ever mourned the decade you were born in while listening to Jimi Hendrix on repeat, here are five trends from the ’60s and ’70s you can (and should) try out.

In fashion this year we are seeing a return to some of the hippie trends of our past. Maybe after all the restrictions and shutdowns and social turmoil, we’re longing for the freedom and hope we felt in the 60s that was reflected in the clothing we wore back then.

What is the Latest Fashion Trends for November 2021?

Some of the new trends are very reminiscent of those times. In fact, some are almost knock-offs of what we wore.

These new-old items include embroidered jackets, jeans, dresses, and blouses plus woven or macramé belts. We can expect to see more of them in the stores in the coming months.

It’s an artsy, ethnic, bohemian style in general, and that often works best on women who have a great deal of the Natural and Dramatic style archetype. One example of that type of woman is the Lili Tomlin character in the show Grace and Frankie.

Still, some of the newer ways to incorporate these trends will work for many of us, regardless of how laid-back or “natural” our style is. And you don’t have to have flowers woven in your hair to make them work. (Most of us don’t have as much or as long hair as we did back then anyway!)

What is the History Behind Various Fashion Trends?


Because it is a more ethnic look, you’re going to find a lot of these items in catalogs and stores that feature hand-made looking fashion. Some of those include places like Peruvian Connection, Anthropologie, Johnny Was, and Sundance. In the above video, I’ve shared some images.

What is Hippie Style Clothing?


Hippie's Fashion Trends

Characterized by baggy, loose-fitting clothing; long, shaggy hair; flower headbands; patchwork designs; and ripped jeans, hippie styles were more about purposefully not fitting into social norms and making a strong anti-establishment statement about how disenfranchised people felt than simply artistic expression


Just as with the ethnic-type blouses, there are a lot of embroidered shifts and caftans. The key is to avoid those that, as with the blouse tops, might be a little “busy.” An all-over embroidered garment is a real statement and works in a longer garment. But you never want a pattern, feature, or trim to upstage you.

What colors do hippies wear?


What colors do hippies wear?

Purples, indigoes, violets, and lilacs are standbys in the world of hippie clothing fashion. The crown and third eye chakras are associated with violet and indigo respectively, meaning that purples connect us with our higher, spiritual selves and our intuition.13-O.


How do hippies wear their hair?



Waves. Hippies often wore their long hair loose, flowing, and wavy. As outlined previously, those with naturally straight hair could create wavy hairstyles easily, and without the use of styling products or heated appliances, by allowing wet hair to dry while braided.

What is boho and hippie style?


Bohemian style is a fashion style strongly related to hippie fashion, in which natural fabrics, retro patterns, neutrals, and warm shades merge with 70s style accents and a flair for statement accessories.

What do modern hippies wear?


hippie's fashion trends

Hippies usually wear floral maxi dresses, flowy shift dresses, high-waisted flare jeans, loose blouses, and halter tops.


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