Have you ever wondered what fashion would be without creativity


From the time I was very young, I wanted to be creative and fashionable. Here is my story that will make you ask yourself where would fashion be without creativity?

Early Fashion Disappointment

I was just 5 when my mother bought a Christmas outfit for me, thinking I would be thrilled on seeing it. So I was almost thrilled about the gesture but the outfit was a disappointment. I stayed up all night in search of a solution but my effort proved abortive at the end I slept with no result to show for the effort.

My struggle for fashion freedom

As a kid, I have always imagined wearing the most out-of-this-world type of style but I have depended on others to make that choice for me. I believe mum had it covered but over and over again I became disappointed at the outcome. Guess what? I could not figure it out, I wore my ugly outfit without satisfaction.  I am not like Kelly who was 16 and also independent, confident, and ready to tear and turn any outfit into the perfect match, I always wish to be more like Kelly. Kelly was my elder sister very creative with creation, although  I hate to admit it she is good and I learned from her what creativity is all about, she said to me “creativity is within but fashion is what it looks like”.” outcome is physical” she said.

My creativity finally surfaces

I was determined to quench this unsatisfied want by handling it myself this time. The next Christmas my mother had prepared to get a nice outfit. I saw her counting every penny just to make sure I had something beautiful.  My heart leaped for joy towards the gesture and also what follows.  I knew I was about to change my fashion sense and I was going to allow myself to delve into the ocean of fashion and so allow my creativity to come to life by surfing into the wave of fashion. I couldn’t get Kelly’s words out of my head and heart. You guessed right this time, I reaped the outfit off and turned it into a magnificent style. Even my sister Kelly was mesmerized by the outcome. This time I was satisfied and was able to bring my creativity to life.

In Conclusion

Maybe you might be starting up like me.  Not liking the outfit you have but can still create the style you want. You might also be like my sister Kelly don’t stop you are an inspiration to us out there. 

So I ask again what would fashion be without creativity, keep it alive.

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By Chioma Obasi


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