Hair Care


Use a scalp scrub

This way the hair will look fresher and healthier. As difficult as it is to give up long hair, healthy hair looks richer. And since having healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp, we recommend using a scalp scrub. It deeply cleanses the skin, fights against dandruff, and then scrubs with massaging movements activate the blood circulation, nourishing the hair roots.

Avoid using a hairdryer

Excess heat will damage your hair even more. If it is impossible to completely stop drying your hair with a hairdryer, then at least reduce the weekly amount of this process.

Protect your hair from harmful factors

Every day our hair is exposed to the harmful effects of the environment – UV rays, air pollution, etc. You can find different solutions to reduce the harmful effects. Try styling solutions to protect our hair from the rays of the sun – bandanas, hats, and UV rays. The application of hair care products acts as a protective shield for the hair and gives it a healthy shine.

Avoid washing your hair so often

The scalp produces natural oils that have a protective role. But the more often we wash our hair, the faster the oil is produced, becoming too much to look aesthetically pleasing. The frequency of washing your hair depends on whether your hair is greasy or dry, but you can also choose the right shampoo. Avoid sulfate-containing shampoos that dry and exfoliate. Start using hair care products with natural ingredients – shampoo, balm, as well as a serum to strengthen the hair follicles. The natural oils and essential oils contained products will nourish and soften your hair, giving it a lush look.

Take a shower after using the pool

Chlorine “dries” and damages the hair. If you have dyed hair, you have probably noticed that it dries after visiting the pool. Be sure to protect your hair from the sun while bathing after the pool. If you have not followed these rules this summer, you have already damaged your hair, it is not too late, you can use special care products for damaged hair:

Drink plenty of water

No matter how persistent you are with hair care, they will still not look healthy if your body is dehydrated. Hair is a part of the body and their health and longevity also depend on the amount of water consumed.

Comb often

While combing, the scalp is massaged, blood circulation is improved, which stimulates hair growth. However, remember that you should not comb your hair while wet because they are easy to tear.


Use natural hair care products

No need to save when it comes to hair․ After all, healthy hair is one of the most attractive parts of your appearance. Use only organic and natural remedies. Apply nourishing hair masks often and use protective oils. You will find a series for hair restoration, the five essential oils of which will restore the damaged structure of your hair, giving it a healthy shine and volume.

By Ayesha Ahmad

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