Gorgeous Victoria Secret Models in the A’s


Victoria Secret models have become a cornerstone of promotion and many have gone on to become as well known as many of today’s most successful actresses. Currently, they have over 48 models so to keep this list short we are just going to cover the A’s. With that said let me share with you the list of Victoria’s Secret models with names beginning with A for 2021.

photo by lista

Aalyah Ross

Aalyah is 5’10” and lists her status as single she is a stunning dark-skinned model.

photo by the Sun

Abby Champion

Abby is a beautiful 5’11” 24-year-old blonde model who has done covers for Vogue and modeled for Calvin Klein add Channel. She lists herself in a relationship with Patrick Schwarzenegger. 

photo by listal

Aiyana Lewis

Aiyana is a 24-year-old standing 5’6” beauty that is a breath of fresh air to modeling. She is a healthy weight and her look is gorgeous.


photo by listal

Alessandra Garcia-lorido

Alessandra is a 29-year-old 5’9” inch dark-haired beauty whose body style is more akin to your average American girl. 

                                 photo by listal

Alex Lee-Aillon

Alex is a 22-year-old 5’7” dark-haired beauty who lists herself in a relationship.

photo by Hawtcelebs

Alexina Graham

Alexina is a 30-year-old 5’11” UK-born strawberry blond model who lists her status as single. She has been on the cover of Elle and Luxx. 

                                  photo by Instagram


Alexis Peregrino

Alexis is a natural model and once again would fall under the status of health. 

photo by Tumblr

Anabel Krasnotsvetova

Anabel is a 24-year-old 5’9” model born in the Russian Federation. She is a beautiful sandy blonde girl with a very youthful look. 

                                   photo by listal

Ange-Marie Moutambou

Ange-Marie is a 5’10” dark skin beauty from France.

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