Fun and Trendy Pants For This Summer


I have to admit I look forward to summer fashions every season and after over a year pretty much locked indoors, my guess is this summer should be like a coming-out party. Here are some fun and trendy pants that look to make a smash this summer. Enjoy

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Patchwork Pants


When I was a teenager you didn’t dare wear pants with patches unless you were dirt poor. The simple fact is shabby chic is really in and patchwork pants are fun and cute.

Drawstring Pants


Drawstring pants are really great and so comfortable around the house, at the beach, or barbecue, and even for some shopping. They are fun but let’s face it, they have limitations.

Pajama Pants


Used to be pajama pants were only for around the house, but now more and more we see them mainstream. And they not after all they are comfortable and warm, but best for a casual setting.

Low Waist Pants


Low waist pants have been around since the ’60s, only then they were called hip huggers. By any other name they are still cute and sexy and I for one am glad they are back for this summer.



Chinos come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and I have always loved how they look. A girl can wear them to the beach, dinner, and even the club.


Bermuda Pants


Bermuda’s have always been trendy and their appeal seems to be timeless. They can be worn almost anywhere and are comfortable and cute.

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