Fragrances and relationships with memories and personality.


Fragrances and perfumes have a lasting impact on our bodies and minds. They can alter our whole mood. If you are feeling down, they can make you feel alive. If you are missing someone who is far away from you, you can bring him/her home by remembering his/her fragrance. We often want to smell like some who is beloved to us. Fragrances define our whole personality. It can be Bold. It can be Charming. It can be calm and peaceful like flowers. It can bear a spark like a musk.


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If you are going out with someone OR someone else’s coming to meet you. The first impression would be your or their odor or scent.

Fragrances and Memories

The way you smell can create an everlasting effect on someone. Most of us can’t even imagine going without perfumes. We keep them in our bags and cars. Because we want to create an endless impression on someone. It defines who we are. People might forget us but they will remember our scents.

Let’s talk about women when it comes to us We are more likely to be attracted to bold yet passionate fragrances. We like men with a taste for wearing perfumes.

And looking at the sight of males, they probably like wildflowers like odors or modest and lighter perfumes for their ladies that can create elegance with delicate glamour.

Everything around us has a texture and fragrance. From our dearest grandparents to our lovely parents. From our beautiful home to our offices. From our soulmates to our lasting journey partners. Every single feeling is attached to the way we smell.



So choose wisely when you are grabbing your perfumes because they gonna speak a lot about you. Whenever your name will be mentioned your fragrance definitely going to make them remember what kind of a person you are. The way you carried yourself. Confident or casual? your smell gonna affect it.

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By Mah Jabeen

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