When it comes to fashion, men try to wear neutral colors to be safe. If we explore more and look towards the street style fashion, many non-traditional colors like green, orange, yellow are attracting the limelight.

It is hard to decide what are colors go with green when we talk about the combination. But surprisingly, green can wear with any color just like white and black.

Below are a few of the cool color combination that goes with Green:

  • For men who like to wear only formal can try this casual look with the color combination of Dark Green shirt and Beige trousers. The combination will give a contrasting look to your appearance and can be worn at both day and night parties.
  • Full Green is always an eye-catcher. You can always cover up with a green suit, green overcoat, or Indian Pathani suit. These are unique, casual yet elegant at the same time.

Green Suit is always one of the Collection Of Classy Men`s Fashion.


Green Casentino Woolen Overcoat for winter.


Craig Green Spring/Summer wear for men.

Solid Green Pathani Suit. Suitable for any occasion, be it a festival or any party.

  • Those who are new to fashion and not comfortable trying something new color can always start with accessories like belts, bags, ties, shoes.

Green Neckerchief – New trend for men’s fashion. The neckerchief is an old fashion concept that is now again in trend. With the approaching of summer, we would like to see this influencing trend.

Green Scarf – It is always good to start with slow. It looks great with a brown jacket.


Green Bag goes with any combination of colors.

Grey Shirt, Black Suit, and Green tie is the perfect combination. It gives a sharp classy look.

  • Another trend to catch the eye of your fashion will go with Floraison Colour. This is the best-known street fashion.


Any color will suit you if you know the way of grooming yourself. Let us know which color combination you feel is difficult to choose, we are there to guide you.

By Chenghun Phukon

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