I remember being young and not caring about what I wore. When my mom put out my clothes I was fussy, because I didn’t care for those socks with a lace border. I was mostly between the guys. So I just wanted my shoes and shorts and t-shirts with pictures of my favorite tv show. I did not like braiding my hair. And I hated those hats. well, I pretty much hated everything that made me look like a girl. But then I grew up and I changed. That journey is what brings you to the man or woman you want to be and finding your style.

The Journey

Finding your style is a journey. I remember having more girls around me becoming close to my cousins and making girlfriends. I started school and my interests changed. Also, I went from loving Digimon to Barbie and Bratz. this meant wanting to try new things and wanting to be like them. It amazes me how our surroundings influence us to be a certain way. I started wearing dresses, skirts, blouses. Jeans were always my go-to whenever I had to run an errand.
As I wore more I saw that I loved dresses most so I experimented with the kind of dresses I love to wear. I loved flower patterns and other styles too. And I love short and long dresses. I went from being the boy to the girl and I loved it. Next to the clothes, you need your accessories too. I mean what is dressing up without those to make you feel more confident. And I love my earrings and my necklaces. I do not wear bracelets. I love this journey of finding your style why because the more you grow you notice you change. The one thing that I love the most are my shoes especially heels, wedges it doesn’t matter as long as I can add a few inches to my height. then you may ask what about flats or sandals. I love them too but they are for running errands. Now, what did I look for in finding my style?

Tips on finding your style 

To find my style I watched out for the next things. I still use these. How does it make me feel? Do I feel happy, confident, sexy, comfortable in my skin? I think about who I am and what I want others to see in me. If I ever need advice I ask my friends that know me best. You know you always have that person you can shop with. most important is this, you need to be yourself. Experiment but find you always.
Don’t forget on this journey you will always have fashion do’s and dont’s. You will fail at what you want till you get it. That’s how stylists are born. I am not a stylist, but I love feeling confident and I love it when others feel that way too. Because above all if you do not feel confident in what you wear people will see it. So go out and try.


 In the end, all we want is to find the clothes that were made for us. So get to know you and build your wardrobe around that. you will be successful in just being your other’s opinion do not matter. Just as I am still learning so do you. So go on the journey to finding the style that adds more value to who you are.

Photo credit: Pexels

By Ramesa Maayen

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