Fashion Tips How to Wear Ladies Socks With Boots


Here at Fashion, we are going to show you easy ways to style sock boots this winter. We all have that one pair of boots hidden in the back of our wardrobes for a special occasion. And letting your socks peek over the top of your boots is one fashion trend you need to get behind.

Tips How to Wear Ladies Socks With Boots

Beware Of Boot To Sock Height

Like with anything you wear, you should be aware of proportions. When you wear structured ankle boots, they tend to shorten your leg. So, the addition of bulky wool socks will add unwanted volume to this area.

Keep Style Of Footwear In Mind

Getting the right boot and sock combination involves more than selecting the right height for both pieces. You also need to think about styles For something low maintenance, flat boots that are not chunky are best for showy socks. And, on the other hand, chunky or grunge-style boots work best with simple, neutral socks. Overall, what you need to do is create a balance in your look.

flatform boots with socks

Flatform Boots:

Flatform boots come with a thick sole that range usually 3-10 cm. They have a bit of a high heel in which case the heel is raised significantly. It is higher than the ball of the foot as well. It makes the wearer appear taller not letting one stumble and are quite comfortable.



Clear Boots 

Clear boots are generally made of transparent plastic which makes the feet of the wearer visible. The boots feature block heels and pointed toes that look quite upgraded in a chic way. The clear boots are your cue to style up like a diva.


Snow Boots 

Snow boots are a type of boots can are waterproof and water-resistant. The material in the snow boots is often used to fight the wet and slushy mud. The snow boots are generally warm inside and can help in retaining the sloppy way. These boots are your key to standing firm in a snowy region.

By Sara Khan

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