The importance of language is to communicate, rather than express innermost weight in a manner that can be understood. Thus, fashion is a language of expression, that communicates ideas, dreams, opinions, beliefs, and values by the use of amplified or simplified signs, symbols, gestures, or marks to send a clear and direct message with a meaning.

Fashion is a system of translated and transferred ideas, dreams, beliefs, and values from the invisible into the visible world with tangible and available things that function with rules for the formation and transformation of adoptable expressions in the realities of life.

Fashion is the language of expression that is most spoken around the world since ancient times to modern days. It is a language that is known and understood by people of all generations; older ones as well the younger ones, male and female, among others.

Fashion is a mysterious language that finds its expressions through cultural traditions and social practices in the history of humanity. In its originality and simplicity fashion has had its expression in specific contexts such as lifestyles, clothing, footwear, accessories, makeups, hairstyles, and body postures among others. Fashion expresses the reality of life in diversity.

Its expression in history.

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The history of fashion can be traced back to many years ago, even before civilization, during civilization, and after civilization. The history of fashion has archives of records and references of the patterns that have ever been throughout all the times. History has a diverse array of fashions; from olden times to modern days, from ancient traditions to modern cultures, from older generations to younger generations. This history of fashion is a backyard where the development and transformation of fashions in different dispensations of time are cultivated.

Its expression in the culture

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The culture has been the bedrock of all fashions anywhere in the world. The People lived and lives in diverse cultures that determines fashion in different parts of the world. The cultural backgrounds of people shaped, and still shape kinds of fashions that are adoptable by groups of people for different occasions; whether in celebrations, competitions, ceremonies of all kinds, or even battles in different seasons. The cultural practices were, and still are springboard of fashions in different parts of the world. People cherish and treasure their culture, it is through the creativity of ideas, dreams, opinions, beliefs, and values that are expressed through fashions. For instance, across the globe today, people still cherish and treasure their cultural backgrounds, for this reason, we have American fashions, European fashions, Caribbean fashions, and African fashions just mentioned but a few, in global markets.

The expression in the society

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In different countries around the world, fashion holds a different meaning. Fashion has a different meaning to different individuals in society. Therefore, society is the breeding and operating grounds for fashions. Society is a structure that holds creativity, responsibility, and productivity of any fashion that comes into the world. Without society, there will be no fashions today. Society is made up of people, and people are the creators and designers of fashions in the markets. That means that society is the backbone of fashions. People in society have ideas, dreams, opinions, beliefs, and values as well as standards. All these are expressed through fashions from one place to another, from one generation to the other, and from one season to another in society.

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By Danson Munyao


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