Fashion Culture is not only about clothing


We all have talked about all the fashion and trends these days but what exactly is fashion? Well, fashion is where we style our clothes and accessories to make them elegant but in some of the other ways, we have lost the essence of cultural fashion. Whenever anyone talks or posts about fashion, I always find the pinch of culture.

Since we say Indian fashion has grown worldwide, I want people not only to vogue clothes but also the culture. I’ve gone through and researched some cultural clothing that depicts the essence.

Edited by : Dhimahi Jani

I’ve somewhere managed to bring some types of clothing’s which are depicting particular India’s states. And I’m very happy that each state of India has its own unique style and fashion. Not only fashion for clothing but also dressing in a particular way to showcase uniqueness. Everything that we follow today is a trend that is great but I personally feel there should also be some cultural fashion style.

It is always said that fashion comes within where we just think of styling clothes and hereby I want people to not only style clothes but also dressing, culture and personality. I want the fashioners to grow from styling waste to style the cultural taste. Impacting all the trends something different always stands out or is not supported. There are always some things where people get offended by not adding or subtracting a particular thing but I want them to accept the fact that culture can also be styled by making it aesthetic yet simple and trendy.

Culture can also be styled as modern fashion we just have to take effort and make it work. There is always some or another way.

There are some places with particular styling. They do fashion but also with the culture. There are many people who follow the same pattern where there is aesthetics, dressing, and styling altogether. Also, I’ve seen many people styling one cloth in many ways and I totally appreciate the efforts. I would also like to urge people to follow and learn but some more richness not only by clothing in different ways but also in personality and believing themselves.


Thank you for making me capable to come up and share my thoughts about fashion with you! I would really appreciate if you spread a word which says ‘Fashion is not only about clothing but also about culture’ – Dhimahi Jani

Thank you!

Edited by : Dhimahi Jani

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