Fashion Inspirations from 90s Sitcom ‘Friends’


Have you watched friends yet? If not, head over to Netflix. The show is rib-cracking and the characters are just funny. It leaves you wanting to watch more and more episodes. I am very fond of the show till now, old is gold-they say. The characters’ costumes are something that caught my eye, so simple yet flattery. The outfits are something any ordinary person would wear, the denim trousers worn by Joey to the short yet simple skirts worn by Rachel. Let’s look at some fashion inspirations from the 90s sitcom, Friends.

Rachel’s Denim Overalls

90s sitcom friends

These denim overalls are classic. They are especially good for a casual outing and come with pockets. We love an outfit that has pockets in them for some reason. Next time you are out shopping, buy yourself a pair of denim overalls and experience the comfort. And Hey, look out for original denim.

Chandler’s Sweater with Tailored Pants

This is very fashionable, to date. This is both casual and official, mostly official because of the tucked-in sweater. When you are out shopping for official wear, remember that not just shirts that complete an official look but sweaters too. Find a fitting sweater and pants that are not too tight, well for men. Tight trousers and a baggy sweater would be the perfect combination for a lady! Just saying.

Sleeveless Cardigans

Most people think cardigans are outdated. Well, they are because not many people would rock them on. But if made fashionable they can look good on any outfit. Chandler’s black cardigan inspires me the most because if worn now with some adjustments it would be the most stylish. Let’s also point out that khakis have been existent for quite some time now and both men and women are rocking them in this 21st century.

Monica’s cardigan and a Skirt to match with

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Cardigans are unisex and quite comfortable. They can be worn with and over anything, be it a trouser, skirt or a dress. Monica’s short skirt which matches her cardigan looks like the perfect combination, and oh, try ankle boots with this look, classic, right?

Look at Rachel

90s sitcom 654

Shorts have never disappointed especially during the warm seasons. They are a perfect outfit for warm weather and also if you feel your legs are too exposed you can put on some stockings. This look is very suitable for a night out. You can spice your look by putting on a long puffy jacket, or rock them more casually like in the picture above.

Joey’s Mom Jeans

90s sitcom

Mom jeans are back in the market, and high-waisted ones are very flattery. They come in all sizes from big to small and can be worn with a shirt, a t-shirt or a pullover, or your favorite top. These unisex jeans are long-lasting but fade over time. The secret is, wash them once in a while and do not wring.



We have borrowed a lot from this 90s sitcom and mostly, their outfits which are simple yet elegant. Dressing well does not have to cost you a lot of money, and you can borrow some dressing tips from this article.

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By Kelita Kiio.

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