Fashion Helps: How To Deal With Overthinking


Our life may not be the same the way we planned it, but it’s okay. God is in control. Trust me. Overthinking is one of the biggest issues in anyone’s life for today’s generation. And I think, you are overthinking also as you decided to click this one.

I’m going to tell you two(2) types of Overthinking. One is Productive Overthinking and the other one is Unproductive Overthinking. But first, let me tell you what Overthinking is and how fashion helps me to deal with my overthinking.

What Is Overthinking?

Overthinking is when you keep on thinking about something that makes you stressed and feel uneasy. You tend to repeat the same thoughts in your mind even how big or small the situation is. It might also affect your emotion and mental behavior. Because of this, there are possibilities that you want to get away from everything, so here’s the thing;

Productive Overthinking

When we say Productive Overthinking, it is the kind of thinking that is a positive one. Wherein you have ways on how to feel good and be better. Having this kind of mindset will help you to be a better person and to have a better life. Why? It is because you can deal with your mind and thoughts. You can help yourself and fight to overthink productively like;

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1. Do something you love (ex: cooking, painting, meditating, etc.)

2. Try dressing up to lighten your mood

3. Listen to your favorite music


4. Exercise/Meditate

5. Read Book

6. Talk to your friends and family

7. Write journals or anything you want to write. It helps.

8. Clean your room

9. Go out for a walk and spend time with nature

10. Be POSITIVE always!

Unproductive Overthinking

Unproductive Overthinking is the opposite of the first one. Having this kind of mindset will make you feel more exhausted and anxious always. You are not helping yourself to be productive. In other cases, people think this way because of their situation and the problem they are facing and maybe they are not in their selves to think about what is good for them. Sad, but true. Try to put yourself in their position, I know it’s not easy and we cannot judge them for feeling that way. But what’s important is that at the end of the day, you will always choose to live your life and think that everything that is happening to you is just a challenge.


Fashion Helps

So, how to deal with Overthinking? Simple. Be yourself and enjoy life. Be open-minded and try to go out of your comfort zone. Talk to anyone you like, don’t waste every minute of your life thinking too much because I tell you, you will regret it after.


But you know what? Personally, My way to deal with overthinking is to DRESS UP. I love dressing up and choosing my outfits for the day and it helps me to relax and makes my mind busy with other things. When your mind is occupied with other things you won’t be able to think and feel stressed with whatever you are worrying about. Fashion is a big help with that. You can mix and match every outfit or choose the outfits you are planning to wear the next day. Organizing your closet will help you to stop overthinking as well. Try to synchronize the color of your clothes and declutter what is not needed for extra spaces.

Fashion helps not just in overthinking, but fashion will help you to be extra confident in every way. Dressing up helps me to express who I am and I’m glad I’m not afraid to show the world how I stand for my style and fashion taste. With all of that, I’ve learned to control my mind from overthinking the things that are not even worthy to think of.



We all have ups and downs, we all have sorrow and joy, we all have problems, and it’s okay. This is life, sweetheart. Our life is not as perfect as heaven, so if you want to cry, then go ahead and cry. It’s okay not to be okay for a day, and it’s okay not to smile today. But always remember, life is wonderful. Trust God always and believe him because he is the only one who knows everything. He loves you and he wants you to be happy.

Cheer up! Be POSITIVE and wear the best fashion you can showcase to everyone!

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By Belle Willow

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