Fashion Has No Limits


Hello there. I am new here but I hope you will understand my input with regards to fashion and how I have a weird sense of it.

So to start of, I would like to introduce myself. I am Shimron Suarez, 25 years of age and I am from the Queen City of the South: Cebu, Philippines. I am so proud of being me for I am a bisexual and a member of the LGBTQIA+ community. I am a singer, a little bit of a dancer, actor, and I also am an author of ebooks and e-novels. I can even write blogs and short stories such as this that I am currently creating. I also am a content creator on other social media platforms using The Shimron Suarez Show as my main program name.


Now enough of my life. Let me talk about my passion for fashion. Although I am obese, I still have my weird side and my sense of fashion which is basic for y’all but again, I believe that fashion has no limits. It can only range from basic to grandeur styles and pieces of clothing that we all put on our bodies. So here I am on this picture above.


I am proud of what fashion I have even despite me being obese and a PWD. I love how people criticize me from head to foot and call me names like a fat boy, small, short, curved-legged, and so much more but I do not really care. I live upon myself and I know my true story.

Welcome to my life and this is my first story on my passion, which would be FASHION. Remember, “Fashion has NO LIMITS!”

By Shimron Suarez

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