Fashion Goes with Mental Health


As you have already known on my very first blog here. My current passion for Fashion, as weird as it may occur to you, coincides with my current mental health state.

For example, as you can see in the picture above, you might notice that I feel cool, confident, awesome and that there is so much fun within the behind-the-scenes or the set of that picture taking. And yes, I mean genuine fun.

There are also other times when I feel like singing my heart out while having confidence in my fashion life. So I added this to my gallery. And I felt like this is one of the rarest moments of my life since I am still living with my family up to this day.

mental health 123

 Yet, there are times wherein I had to shoot some pictures that are serious because it seemed to me that I was suffering from too many mental health concerns at once and so this was the result of that. Take a peek at it below.

To note, this was not shot on the same day. It was way back last year but I had the same shirt. So please don’t judge me haha.

So my point in making this blog, as a mental health advocate as well, is that your mental health matters because even if you have a passion for fashion and other types of passions; if your mental health is unstable, you cannot function well. 

And so if you need help with your mental health, you just have to talk to a friend or mental health professional. And you will get the help that you needed.



mental health

So whatever happens in your life right now. Just go ahead, inspire others and spread positivism and love than negativism and hate. Inject more positive vibrations to the world and eject the negative ones. Have a great rest of your day. Stay safe, stay home and keep smiling! I love you all. Bye for now!

By Shimron Suarez

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