Fashion and Exams


Fashion is not always about beauty, shoes, bags, clothes; it’s also about health.

Fashion and exams

What do students do about fashion while exams are ongoing?

Most of the students do not take care of their looks while exams are going on. Why? Because they don’t have time for this.


Students study all day and night to prepare for exams so they can get good marks but they don’t pay attention to their looks, beauty, and health. Eyes bags, uncombed hair, wearing sweatshirts, and sitting on the study tables.

Maintain the time

Take some time to do self-care. Do some exercise, stretch your body, take a hot bath, and eat some good food, your favorite one. Let your mind rest for some time.

Then after refreshing your mind open your wardrobe and select your favorite casual outfit. Wear it. Now stand in front of the mirror and brush your hair, apply moisturizer, some gloss on your lips. Use your favorite perfume to start smelling the way you do on normal days.


It will help a lot to refresh your mind and you can study better the next time.

Now just look at yourself, aren’t you feeling relaxed? The stress of exams becomes a little less and you feel fresh for the preparation. The smell of perfume gives you the butterflies. Now you are in good mood. We used to become irritated in times of exams because we do not pay any attention to our surroundings not even ourselves. That’s why we behave aggressively and feel irritated

But by doing self-care we can normalize ourselves and can have a healthy relationship with our friends and family.


Do not be harsh on yourself. Take a deep breath and stop stressing. You are special and you can succeed. Take care of yourself.


Don’t stress, take some rest.

Ayesha Maqbool

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