Fashion After a Breakup


I am turning 21 in 2 weeks but I feel like I have lived a hundred lifetime full of fashion fails in all of my 20 years of living. Here is another one of my stories and it is about a new friend I made in Uni, her name will be Maggie in this story. It’s a long story but I will try to shorten it as much as possible it’s about Fashion After a Breakup.

Hey guys it’s Andrea here with another one for today!! Let’s get right to it, shall we?

So I share an apartment with my best friend Laura and even though my other friend Maggie does not live with me, she gets along well with Laura, in fact, they both share their love for fashion much more than me and Laura. They literally plan out their everyday outfit even their pajamas for the night whereas I just roll with it anyhow as long as I am comfortable.

Maggie has been stuck inside our guest bedroom since Monday and today is Friday. She has been crying for the past 4 days and we have run out of tissues and honestly, I was getting tired of buying it.

Why is she stuck in the guest bedroom you may ask? Well to put it simply, her boyfriend of 3 years cheated on her and when she confronted him about it, he denied it despite the evidence present and broke it off with her over the phone………the call only lasted 10 seconds.**internal rage**

Laura came up with the idea to cheer her up by going to a club and I just wanted to slap her and tell her to get over it, I mean it’s not like it is the end of the world now, is it? As you can tell I am not one to pine after a guy who’s done wrong to me and honestly why should she too? We ended up going to the club.

I finally got her out of the bedroom and Laura is decorating her with makeup and dresses and heels and whatever else is going on her. To say Maggie looks hot would be an understatement because she killed that outfit and so did Laura too.


This is what Maggie wore to the club.


This is what Laura wore.

They literally turned heads as soon as we left our apartment that afternoon and not that I was complaining but I wasn’t in a mood to dress up and go to the club like they were. I just wanted a few drinks and to make it back home in one piece so I can breeze through life like a wind. I opted for an oversized white t-shirt and black shorts paired up with vans.


That is what I had in mind but when you’re in the presence of 2 fashionable people and they see you wearing that kind of outfit to the club to celebrate a friend being back on the “Single Market”. It is kind of their duty to correct that part of the evening and so they did change my whole outfit and this is what I wore for the afternoon.


I was not one who is comfortable with heels but I sort of rocked that outfit.

Off we went and boy did we party………..A LOT!!

Rocking outfits to the club is one thing but having your friend chase you around the club to help her look for her phone the next day is not exactly how I pictured my Saturday morning spent with coffee in hand and hungover from all the drinks we had.


If you’re one of those Queens going through a rough breakup, no matter what the situation is. Own that, dress to impress, dress like you’re walking along the red carpet for an awesome photoshoot with Zendaya, and slay that outfit girl. If you’re one of those Kings going through a rough breakup, Bruh, do your shit, dress up too. Wear that awesome suit that has been sitting in your closet for a while and go spend for yourself, treat yourself to an expensive restaurant, and LIVE! Dress up for you, the phrase “Fashionably Late” is there for a reason.

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Andrea Kings

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