Fashion + 50 years: Am I Too Old to Wear Oversize?


Fashion + 50 years: am I too old to wear oversize?

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Fashion + 50 years: am I too old to wear oversize? Mes Demoiselles Fashion + 50 years: am I too old to wear oversize?

Oversized shoulders, XL sleeves, loose couples … This season, fashion increases the volumes to give more style. But can we wear oversize at all ages? Answers.

After years of cuts close to the body, we revise its proportions this winter! Coats, shirts, sweaters, jackets and other pants are getting bigger. But are these so-called “oversized” pieces still flattering for the figure after 50 years? The volume brings an additional style, provided you know how to handle it with care to avoid the “enlargement” effect. Whatever your age, if you choose your clothes carefully, you will look great: “you can be irresistible at any age”, said Coco Chanel!

How to wear the oversize trend?

A studied width


Limit the risk of getting buried under your clothes by reserving the fullness to one piece on the silhouette, either at the top or at the bottom. Thus, we will opt for a sweater close to the body and XXL pants, or a loose sweater over cigarette pants, to balance the silhouette and have a perfect stylistic result! Loose-fitting clothes should not be shapeless, so always choose pieces with impeccable cuts.

Why not try the oversized white shirt over the season’s wool tank top? Then, we always think to feminize his outfit with heels to lengthen the legs. We also do not forget to roll up his sleeves or roll his pants. As for accessories, you can also indulge yourself: a necklace with a large mesh for example and, when the evening comes, XXL earrings!

Dare the oversize when you have curves

It’s not always easy to project yourself in exaggeratedly baggy clothes when you’re not skinny. The idea is not to disappear under your clothes but on the contrary to play with style. So, exit the total look: we belt our waist to structure the silhouette, we show a beautiful neckline and we do not fail to make style effects by blousing the sleeves to assume its style!

Wear oversize

The idea is to combine comfort, freedom of movement, and style. The sweater or sweatshirt can also be stolen from the men’s department. If you prefer them in the women’s department, go one to two sizes larger than your own. This is the case with the cashmere sweater, which is always good to take as loose as possible. Tuck your sweater or t-shirt into your pants on one side only to be right on trend!

And in total look?

oversize 50+

Be careful because the full oversize erases your silhouette. If you go for an XXL look, it is important to belt the waist with a wide enough model so that the silhouette finds a structure. Fashion is above all about feeling good in your clothes, in total look or not, there is no age to play with codes and imagine pretty looks. Go for it!

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