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Christian Louboutin (a French greatest fashion designer) is one of the most popular shoe designers in Paris. Louboutin’s shoe collection is unbeatable all over the world.  He is called the “King of Killer Stiletto” and used to design shoes with red soles.

Because of his concept that the red color is similar to luxury and celebrity the red sole gained great fame. Being a very great artist of red sole shoes he is now selling one million pairs of hyper-red-sole shoes per year.

Moreover, his brand is selling 150 apartment stores and has over 35 self-branded boutiques in 35 countries. This shoe brand has the distinct specialty of having signature hyper-red sole shoes. This unique style of art, red sole rather is a simple thing to walk on but it is presenting a masterpiece of art and high-standard thoughts.

Louboutin's 001

Let’s know some type of high-end red sole stiletto  pair he designs;

  • Iriza Pump Style Louboutin Shoe

Iriza pumps are the most comfortable shoe pair type in Louboutin’s shoe collection. these are with half d’Orsay heels. This piece has an original leather which makes it more comfortable. Also, it has a pointed-toe end so it is a true fit for every size of foot.

The flexibility of leather and pointed toe end make it excel in comfort if we talk about stilettos. Indeed, the comfort is long-lasting than classy and captivating. Usually, people choose the things that are timely looking glamorous to them along with softness.

Louboutin's 002


  • Lipstick Heel Style Louboutin’s Shoe

Now talk about the fancy kind of Louboutin shoe pair. This Louboutin has a specialty that in place of a normal heel there is a beautiful jewel. This ornament illuminates its beauty and at the same time pays the duty of the heel. Also, there is a special type of lipstick fitted in that jewel which is refillable by our choice shade.


Believe me, this fascinating model has captured the eye and mind of the whole world. It’s like a special-designed stiletto of red soles with lipstick for a fairy girl in this original world.

Louboutin's 007

  • Pump Lipstick Style Louboutin Shoe

Louboutin first landed pumps, then came lipstick stilettos but now that lipstick has made its way to pump Louboutin. There has an evolution and the ultimate evolved is a kind of masterpiece in form of pump lipstick Louboutin.

The pump Louboutin now has that refill lipstick ornament, the precious heel is originally a branded lipstick. This fancy elegant look is outstanding evolution even in the world of fabulous shoe pairs.

Louboutin's 006

  • Pigalle Style Louboutin’s Shoe

Pigalle has a classic style of Louboutin’s collection and it comes in different types of heals also. It has two specified colors classic black and nude. However, the nude sometimes has a touch of pink shade. This seasonal elegant piece has a very pointed pump.

Although the stiletto is not comfortably wearable this feels comfortable on the feet. Normally, it is suitable for every kind of look. And this thing may be one of the reasons that you have this piece in your shoe collection.

Louboutin's 005

  • So Kates Style Louboutin Shoe

Of the major collection of many styles in Louboutin’s shoe collection, so Kate has the most uncomfortable and narrower type. It is hard to wear and manage for a long time. Yet it is the most sexist type of stiletto you have ever watched. It is also known for running small and very slippery heels.

Hence, it is dangerous Louboutin’s stilettos type. But, that charm and look when they are on your feet and the whole fashion stages are beneath your red sole. Consequently, the point is the one thing that could not make you quit upon so-Kate is their ultimate and tremendous charm that captivates you.


Louboutin's 004

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