In this 21st century, people become more explorers, more open, and accepting of all different cultures. This is actually good, but in that, every young generation of people want to be a model with no clue of any fashion. Let’s talk about real models.

Fake Model:

A person who had not done any modeling course but just having her/his friend click their pictures wearing skimpy clothes to show off and used to accentuate brand labels, posting pictures in Instagram or any social networking site to grab the attention of the public. But sometimes this also works too. Fashion model is not about what you wear but how you carry them without vulnerability.

Good side:

  • Self-learning is the best learning. By seeing professional models, one who is too enthusiastic can follow and observe them and learn, which helps them to grab the attention of the public.
  •  Now a day, fake models are more popular than real models. These models also grab the attention of Vogue and any bigger fashion magazine.
  • Social media become such a platform where a fake model can become popular in two scenarios – by doing very good or by doing very bad.

@lilmiquela is one of the inspirations to all the models who start-up to be herself and ended up getting published in Vogue Magazine. I have gone through one of the articles about Lilmiquela which is very inspiring.

Bad Side:

  • When one knows that he/she is not fit to do modeling should never try, as the ending may be bad. As we have seen in many cases or news where fake modeling agencies or casting couch use the innocence of such guys and grab the money in fake promise.
  • Blackmailing is a very sensitive issue where these guys fall easily under the trap.
  • Fake Fashion shows which are very common nowadays, where money is taken from the fake model just to give them a chance to walk on the ramp who even do not have any knowledge of fashion or how to walk.
  • Most of the fake model is ready to do anything to get such a chance, even for free which actually harms the professional models as their demand goes down.

Real Model:

Real Models are those who actually represent the real people, who are known as high fashion models, commercial models, catalog models, work for the brands.

Good Side:

  • They are very professional, it’s very easy for the fashion choreographers to make them understand in less time.
  • They have a charming attitude which attracts the crowds very easily.
  • They are the best assets for the brands and big fashion industries.

Bad Sides:

  • Due to fake models, Real Models demand is going down.
  • Fake models are working for free just to get popularity.
  • Sometimes Real Models also fall under the honey trap unknowingly. It may happen while competing with their fellow model or to grab a big project.
  • Maintenance is very important, once they lost their beauty, they lost their job.


Fake models need to be very careful to step into the fashion world or else you will end up with no good. Try to invest your assets when you are fully confident. It will be always a competition for the Real models and they should always also do something new to be in the limelight. The honey trap is common for both real and fake. Hence, be very careful what you are doing.

Photo credit Pexels 

By Chenghun Phukon

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