This is a frequently encountered and daily practice among people. In our busy world, after a day of hard work and jobs, our skin craves a fresh atmosphere and a smooth texture. Facials have become a daily routine for both genders, primarily females but also males. Today, I’m going to share some positive tips regarding facial tips, skin care, and hand movements during the facial treatment for fabulous results on every kind of skin type.


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Hand movements and facial tips

  • First of all, the hand which is going to perform facial massage on the face must be clean and healthy.
  • We should apply the facial product lights little by little. Apply it smoothly with the front four fingers.
  • It’s necessary to perform the massage with the whole palm and fingers with the thumb. A part of the hand should work at least a part of the face.
  • First, Start your massage from the chin using the middle finger and then smoothly come to the cheek and circulate the hand gradually.Using knuckles in circular movements, apply light pressure on the cheeks and jaw to help improve circulation. Using middle fingers, perform circular movements around the eyes. Repeat 3 to 5 times. Do a massage on the forehead with the thumb and middle finger. Be sure to do a side massage on the corner of the nose and ears from Little Finger.
  • If you are having any pimples, allergies, or any kind of itching, should avoid hand moments on that and if there will be necessary so make light hand moments.



Facial Tips

  • A healthy and hygienic atmosphere is a priority and mandatory before any kind of facial. For this, we need to clean our face first with pure and fresh water. We can also use light cold water for cleansing.
  • After this, First, apply your cream which is required gently, and use the whole hand from palm to figure for different parts of the face. Make a light massage or use moisturizer within 5- 10 minutes and then clean it gently.
  • Be sure to take a soft and clean towel and use it after cleaning the Cream or what you applied. As well as, Us a clean punch, bowl, and other required materials for a hygienic result.
  • It’s recommended to choose the best facial according to face tone or type which should be far from high chemical and artificiality.
  • We can use rose water, serum, and toner between the facial for best use but that depends on the face requirement.
  • Be sure to clean the face completely after applying every step and the water of the bowl before applying the next step.
  • Avoid Facial or any face treatment if you are having any kind of allergy, pimples, itching, or acne. But, If it will be necessary to do a facial so use light and non-chemical facial.

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