Eye-Catching And Sophisticated Adire Styles You Should Have In Your Wardrobe


Adire fabric also known as “tie and dye” is a multicolored fabric with a unique design that can be used to create all kinds of dresses. It is a hand-dyed textile that is achieved by the use of different resist-dyeing techniques to make a palate pattern.

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This fabric evolved in the fashion industry some time ago but now it has become a popular trend in Africa.

Due to how creative Africans are, they have managed to use this fabric to create various types of styles for both men and women to enjoy its outcome.

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The fabric has been totally transformed from the usual fabric to a sophisticated one with beautiful designs.

They are being used in sewing styles like shirts, tops, gowns, jumpsuits, trousers, etc. This traditional fabric can also be sewn in Kaftan style, Boubou gowns and maxi wears.

They are perfect styles for women who want to wear an outfit that will make them look sleek and amazing too.

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By Sister Rebecca

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