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The younger generations are following the new fashion style known as aesthetic, or estetik in Filipino.

What is Aesthetics in terms of fashion?

Different outfit styles, like vintage, arty, or even goth, are essentially what aesthetics is all about. The phrase describes the appearance you produce using your clothing, accessories, and cosmetics. As these are all still categories of looks you generate with clothing, aesthetics can also refer to informal fashions, formal attire, or workplace attire. 

Although many of us may not actively think about fashion aesthetic types when designing ourselves, we do. For instance, you may not even be dressing in athleisure when you get ready in the morning and put on your sports leggings!

How can I choose aesthetic clothing? 

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It’s a good idea to examine many types of aesthetics to determine which is best for you before you begin experimenting with a new one. But where do you even begin? Here are some often-asked queries regarding selecting your personal aesthetic.

The saying says that nothing is ever permanent. The world we live in and how people live change over time. As we try to incorporate other fashion trends and follow the trend, the fashion trend in the Philippines evolves. This is the reason the most recent fashion is catching on so quickly.

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The newest styles are more familiar to younger generations. They are frequently posting and watching amusing videos on their phones.

Additionally, we have a keen interest in the entertainment sectors of foreign nations. Additionally, younger generations love K-pop, which is why we started copying their clothing trends.

The aesthetic is well-known as a design aesthetic for homes as well as for clothing; examples of homes with straightforward layouts, earth tones, and pastel hues may be found online. Overall, aesthetics are straightforward yet elegant. Here are some examples of trendy attire to learn more about it.


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The majority of fashionable tops look excellent with skirts, jeans, or high-waisted shorts. They also tuck in loose or big shirts, and they occasionally wear simple belts. Being attractive is only one aspect of aesthetics; another is comprehending the nature of taste, art, and beauty.

Look at how colors are used. They like brown with white and black combinations. Extra-vengeance plans don’t exist. Even though the clothing is straightforward, they make sure that it all coordinates. To make it appear more fashionable or sophisticated, they might also add jackets.

These garments are not only worn by people to keep up with fashion trends. Confidence is increased by dressing attractively and fashionably, but this does not always mean that individuals are aiming to impress. Remember, what counts is that we value and love ourselves, regardless of our tastes in clothing or what we choose to wear.

How do I look for my personal style?

When learning about aesthetics for the first time, you could feel pressured to choose a particular aesthetic immediately. In actuality, it’s far simpler than deciding on a style at random and hoping for the best.

Consider the celebrity fashions you like. Think of appealing imaginary characters. Your musical taste may also have an impact on your wardrobe. Making mood boards with images you enjoy using a website like Pinterest might be useful. You can then use it as a guide when shopping to develop a clear notion of the designs you wish to imitate.

What should I wear based on my personality? 


Though it doesn’t necessarily have to, style can be utilized to convey your personality.

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Like, many goths dress in a gloomy and occasionally frightful manner, yet they don’t even have to be fans of metal music to have a lively personality!

It’s a good idea to pay attention to the media and culture you relate to, but you don’t necessarily need a strong personality connection to embrace a certain style.

Simply put, whether your personality matches it, if you appreciate a style, you can reproduce it! This also increases the fun and adaptability of getting dressed. 

Whatever our sense of style, we can all agree that having confidence helps us wear our clothes more effectively.

Whether you see them or not, fashion aesthetic types are all around you! Knowing the style you want to project might influence the way you put together your wardrobe and make it simple to find new clothing.

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