Essential Pieces of Jewelry Every Woman Should Buy for Herself


Who says that you should have to wait for other people to buy you jewelry? It’s definitely exciting to get a thoughtful gift from someone else, but you don’t have to wait around for a gift when you can afford to buy your own things. Treating yourself by buying something special that you can treasure for a long time can be just as fun as receiving a gift from someone special. If you’re an independent woman who wants to look smart and deserves to feel good, there are some essential pieces of jewelry that you should buy for yourself.

A Ring to Wear Everyday

Girls are all brought up being told about that one special ring they’re going to get from the love of their life (and then another ring after that one). But there’s no need to wait for someone to propose to get a special ring that you love to wear every day. If you want a ring, get yourself to diamond jewelry and find something that you love. Purchase a quality ring that’s beautiful and that you can happily wear every day. It might not be a symbol of marriage, but it can be a sign that you love yourself.


A Simple But Wearable Necklace

Having a collection of necklaces is useful if you like to mix up your jewelry, whether for every day or for special occasions. Sometimes, though, you just want to default to something that you’re happy to wear whenever and wherever. When you don’t have the time or energy to pick out a necklace or you want to wear something that you always feel good wearing, it’s great to have that one necklace that never lets you down. It could be a small pendant, a string of pearls, or even a simple chain that you’re happy to wear again and again.


Diamond or Pearl Earrings

If you want to own a classic pair of earrings, diamonds and pearls are generally the way to go. They’re both great choices when you want something formal but that can be worn with pretty much everything. They’re elegant and sophisticated but they can also be understated or a little fancier, depending on what you buy and how you dress them up. It’s worth investing in a really good pair of diamond or pearl earrings that will last you forever and won’t ever let you down.


A Grown-up Watch

Some people might feel that watches are a little old-fashioned, but they can be one of the best accessories to have in your collection. A smartwatch or a fitness tracker might be useful, but they don’t have the elegance or formality of a proper watch. You don’t necessarily have to choose one of the big designer brands to get a beautiful watch that lasts you a long time. There are some quality, affordable watches that you can treasure forever.

Don’t wait for other people to buy you jewelry. You deserve to buy something for yourself that you can wear with pride.

By Sara Khan

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