Dress Up Game and D.I.Y Fashion



Classic and Preppy

How to wear it:

1. Stick to neutral shades and a monochromatic palette.

2. Make sophisticated pieces look younger by matching them with playful skirts and casual shoes.

3. Preppy-fy an outfit with details such as ruffles, tailored pleats, stiff bows, and pinstripes.

Vintage and Sweet

How to wear it:

1. Choose soft, flowy items in light shades of pink and cream.

2. Accessorize with simple pieces like long pearl strands and vintage-looking jewelry.

3. Look for details such as lace, chiffon, flowers, and soft bows that can complete the feel of your outfit.


Edgy and Tough

How to wear it:

1. Choose fitted pieces and slim silhouettes to keep your outfit feminine.

2. Pile on lots of rocker-inspired accessories like chains and studded cuffs.

3. Don’t wear black from head to toe. Mix in a few white pieces to create depth.



Hey Mickey!

Lace Ears Headband

1. Make a circular frame by looping wire around a cylinder (like a wine bottle or pasta canister). Wrap the frame with a black ribbon.

2. Stitch or use a hot glue gun to attach lace fabric to the frame. Cut off the excess fabric.


3. Attach the ears to a black headband using the hot glue gun.

Harajuku Girl!

Cartoon Denim

1. Sketch your design on paper before copying it onto the denim using a pencil.

2. Use acrylic paint and a fine brush to paint the outlines, then fill them in.

3. To avoid smudging, set aside to dry between colors.

Sporty Spice!

Football Jersey T-shirt

1. Print out your jersey number on two pieces of cardboard paper, then cut out the numbers using a crafting blade. The two cardboard pieces with holed-out digits will serve as your stencils.

2. Place the stencils on the T-shirt, then temporarily secure them with tape to not move during painting. Tip: Pad the inside of the T-shirt with newspaper to prevent paint from staining the back of the shirt.


3. Paint the numbers and stripes using textile paint and a brush with stiff bristles.

Leave Me Hanging!

Plastic Earrings

1. Cut almond-shaped petals from colored plastic envelopes. Fold one tip and stitch to make a crease.

2. Puncture a hole on the stitched end using a pin or needle.

3. String the petals together with a thin wire and attach them to an earring hook.

Byzantine Babe!

Jeweled Neckline

1. Layout rhinestones on the neckline and adjust the spacing as needed.

2. When the positions are final, stick onto the garment using fabric glue. Tip: Opt to stitch the rhinestones to prevent them from falling off during washing.


In Full Bloom!

Stitch-On Rosettes

1. Cut a 1.5 x 6-inch strip of soft cloth fabric like chiffon or organza. Fold lengthwise and do a running stitch on the open edge.

2. Pull the thread like you would close a drawstring bag, then knot.

3. Stitch onto any garment like a dress, T-shirt, or knit pullover.

Try these ideas today!

By Tala Pascual

Photo credit Pexels

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