Dress to Express in 2022-23


Elegant, Casual, Vintage, Chic, Sexy, Trendy, Gothic, or whatever you want to call it; it’s still Fashion. A lot of us; especially women express their selves in a way of dressing up. This is because they want to show people who they really are and what they are capable of. 

Dress to Express

Hailey Bieber looks cool in a black leather duster at a salon.
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 Bella Hadid borrows from the 90s in a Clueless-inspired leather mini skirt and fur-lined cardigan.
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 Emily Ratajkowski steps out in a polka dot summer dress.

Dressing up makes us feel confident and empowered. It gives us the freedom to express and freedom to be who we are although there are some people who love to give critique and gossip about our style of fashion. Some of them did not realize that we have different tastes when it comes to style ourselves.  It may look weird for others but, for us fashion lovers, it’s heaven!

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The Best Street Style From Paris Fashion Week
dress to express
Poppy Blouse | Authentic Vintage 1940’s Style

We, fashion lovers, should dress to express ourselves and not to impress because we are not dressing up for other people to praise us. We are dressing up to satisfy ourselves and to make us feel comfortable. Whatever other people will say about our style. Our way of dressing up shows who we are. Empowered and confident women.

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