Makeup You Need


Why use makeup?

We may not see the importance of makeup but believe me, it will awaken the beauty in your inner and outer self. For that reason, You can learn and be a makeup artist expert. If your taste and preference are on natural beauty, it is very okay.


How do you do makeup for better looks?

Step 1

Start with a moisturizer.

Before you start doing your makeup, it is important to make sure your face is clean and moisturized. You can choose to apply lotion, face mists, serums, creams, or even oils. These moisturizers help in adding vitamins to your skin and also reducing wrinkles.


Step 2

After moisturizer, is a primer for makeup.

Primer will help your look last longer. Primer prepares your face for foundation. It also helps in smoothening your skin and creates a favorable environment for makeup. To apply a Primer, squeeze a small amount into your palm. Then apply it thoroughly into your cheeks, forehead, and chin.


Step 3

Apply liquid foundation

The step is to apply a liquid foundation to your makeup looks. Here you have to make sure that you are got the right liquid foundation because it will make all the difference. Take time to choose the right shade. This may take time but it is very needful. On getting the right product, you can use your fingers, brush, or sponges. Make sure to wash your hands well before and after the application of the product.


Step 4

At this stage, use concealer as you continue with your makeup process

A concealer can be liquid or compact. Liquid concealer is preferred over a compact. It can be applied easily in almost all areas of your face. Choosing the right color for concealer is very crucial. One may prefer to use concealer before liquid foundation but in either case, choose that which works better for your face.

Step 5

Here, use foundation powder in the process of your makeup

Make sure to be careful at this stage. A large amount of foundation may tamper with your makeup process or make you look weird. Here, you can use a brush to apply the foundation powder.


Step 6

Use Bronzer

A bronzer can give you a glow of the year when doing your makeup. Make sure to choose the right shade for you from the cosmetics shop. In this step process, don’t forget to do the same for your neck.



Step 7

At this stage, Use Blush

Blush can be of importance if you want a more vibrant shiny face. Choose the best color that will suit you. there is Pink blush, plum blush, and peach blush. After this, you will be good to go to the next step of your makeup.


Step 8

Apply Highlighter for makeup in this stage

Highlighter can be of cream, powder, or liquid but whichever the case, the results are the same. It helps in giving you a well-defined skin tone. You cannot avoid the highlighter if you want your looks to stand out.


Step 9

Apply Eye Shadow for a makeup look.

Here, you cannot avoid eyeshadow. You can complement your eyeshadow by using both light and bold eyeshadows. This will add sense to your face looks.


Step 10

Use the eyeliner for makeup

Applying eyeliner is one of the steps to be looked after the above steps. It can prove challenging to apply eyeliner which is why ultimate attention is needed here. There are two types of eyeliner, pencil one and gel one. 


Step 11

Apply Mascara for makeup at this step.

Mascara cannot be ignored. It can add untold beauty to your eyes. Mascara is of different colors whereby brown and black are the common ones. Before applying mascara, start by curling your eyelashes using an eyelash curler.

Step 12

Apply Lip Gloss for makeup here

Before you end the process, apply the eye gloss is important.

Make sure to prepare your lips by removing any dead cells. After that, apply the lip gloss across the length of your pout.



Step 13

Use the Setting spray and setting powder for makeup.

You have to make sure that your process of applying ends with a setting spray or powder. It will help you maintain the makeup on the face throughout the day. The setting sprays can do with any skin.

At this level, you are good to go 


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