Denim is the most well-known and commonly worn fabric from classic blue jeans to jackets, dresses, overalls, skirts, and shorts. Denim has become such a staple style we can’t imagine a world without them. They are easy to wear anywhere and everywhere. So, without further adieu, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts for wearing Denim.





*Go extremely short or settle for knee-high styles for cropped denim…..*DIY your shelved ’90s knee-length skirts and loose trousers and cut the hems as high as your legs will allow……*Keep a variety of skirts in your closet as various styles come back from time to time…..*Look effortlessly cool by pairing them with breezy tops or brand new white pieces……*Wear a thick wide belt with cropped denim to instantly elongate the torso area……*Wear capri pants hook up a few inches and with a high wedge sandals.





DO…….*Wear with light-colored bottoms, denim tops are no longer captured to the country look…….*Pair a dark denim blouse with a pair of white slim pants or skirt…….*Pick out lightweight tops with neat lines and classic cuts since denim tops may look slightly bulky because of its fabrics……* Wear with a bit of scrappy looking shoes like stunning black pumps or four-inch high stilettos to avoid looking too country…..*Add accents, like a bow or statement buttons, to soften the hard denim look.

DON’T…….*Pair with a denim bottom, at least not in exact same shade.




DO……*Revive your old pairs and stock up on updated classics. Classic jeans remain the most popular fashion uniform of the stylish set……..*Go a little bizarre with garage rock band acid-washed jeans. Use them only when you completely want to make a statement and make sure to integrate trendy pieces into the look to avoid looking like a bang from the past…..*Choose jeans that fit nestle around areas that flatter your body most, may it be the ankles, the hips, or the lower buttocks area…….*Try washing only after three uses; see the amazing results on your thighs and butt! Jeans tend to fit better as they get older……*Check where the back pockets are to check if a pair fits right. Too high and you’ll look shorter and bottom-heavy; too low below the buttocks and you’ll look slobbish with a flat behind. Back pockets must be right smack on the cheeks of your bum area……*Be careful when having your jeans altered it can cause the pair to lose its natural fit and ruin your jeans even before you get to rock it….*Invest in jeans. A girl can never have enough pairs of jeans in her closet…

DON’T……* Impulse buys – if you like the design or brand but you are not sure about the form, wait it out. Take time out to search for the brand you feel most comfortable with. Your pair of jeans is one of the best investments you’ll ever make…..*Follow the trends on a fancy. There are different body types and just because the trend is slim jeans, it doesn’t mean it will look good on petite and full-figured women.


By Bing Cortez

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