Dear moms,

I know, it can suck! Waking up daily to a fastened ponytail with a scrunchie you pulled out under your disorganized makeup drawer, a baggy t-shirt covered in baby food, and bra-less of course. Let’s not forget the mom jeans and the oh-so dreaded crocs! All this just to get yourself going through the day of endless screaming and baby food and dishes and seeking comfort.

Well come on girl, you do not have to look like a mess just because you are a mess if you know what I mean. Those simple tees and mommy jeans can be pulled off into one heck of a sassy look. A simple ponytail with laid edges or a messy bun and put on some comfortable sneakers, trust me…super comfortable, casual, and get done with the day still being a fab mom.

mommy jeans

A simple tucked-in tee or tie a front or side knot gives you a polished look fit for runways and street-style while in the house and running errands. So while tucking your shirt all around instantly gives a more sophisticated look to your ensemble it’s essential to avoid any bulky bulges or bumps. Especially with high-waisted silhouettes and mom jeans, it’s time to embrace this trendy easy-to-do style if you haven’t already.

A side note, smooth down and push all the excess fabric as far down as possible to avoid bulking up and if your top is too tightly tucked in, raise your arms above your head. This will untuck just the right amount of fabric. Do not forget to throw in a little nude lippie or lip gloss and a touch of eyeliner to pop those sleepy eyes.



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