Dear Guests! Don’t Wear Shoes! Wedding Tips


The Church bells are soon to be ringing! Though it is now only winter, spring is yet to come. The long-tome girlfriends have been proposed into fiancées and every one of them is rushing to get married in the upcoming wedding season – the Spring of 2022! Wedding invites are to be sent, venues have to be booked and if you are a fan of Safiya and Tyler, the groom’s shoes are to be forgotten. And if you are a soon-to-be bride, hold thy horses. If you don’t look out for these mistakes, your wedding might turn out like u/Hairy_educator1974. So here are some important wedding tips you should know.

wedding tips


Sounds stupid, right? Security at a wedding? Yeah, you ARE going to need that once your Uncles Bob and Mario start kickboxing after downing four pegs of whiskey, straight and neat. And it’s not just about family members letting their claws out after a few drinks, your wedding may also turn out to be like, Rollwave21, a Redditor – “We had 2 dudes from the Netherlands crash our wedding. One of my bridesmen found them during our second line and asked me if they could come to the reception and I said why not. They were super sweet and apparently cried during our first dance. Everyone thought we knew them, but we really had no idea who they were!”


Have you always dreamt of getting married on a farm, far away from the life of the city? Hold your horses’ mate. u/Amraff, a Redditor had quite the wedding experience. “We finally pull up to the farm and the very first thing I notice is the overwhelming smell of pig and horse manure.”

“In the end, me and my mom’s heels were ruined (along with every other guest’s shoes) and my dad had pig crap on the hem of his pants, so after the arduous 4-hour drive home, we got changed and then headed to a pub for some drinks and real food. I had to throw those shoes out because I couldn’t get rid of the smell.”

Get the venue cleaned people. And if you are too concerned about this, you can try out the Automatic Shoe Covering Dispenser. It’s like a hair cap for your shoes and it is available on Amazon!

3. Open hair in this weather

You have had your highlights done, your hair is on fleek and you want to show it off! But wait for a second! The wedding reception is going to be held someplace where 80 people beside you are going to breathe and it is going to be warm. Plus the dancing, the singing, the greeting guests part, by the end of the night your hair is going to be stuck to your neck with an adhesive of concealer and sweat. You can simply avoid that by getting it in a bun. You can opt for open hair during the ceremony and photos and get it into a bun for all the fun!

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By Ailena Zarovsky

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