Dad’s Distaste in Fashion for their Princesses


I am sure that most of us know how Dad’s react to their daughters’ clothing. How short our skirts are, the dresses and the short shorts that go along with the different tops, off-shoulder tops or low neck tops or the kind of tops that completely does not cover your back. And to be truthful I am really glad for my Dad and his distaste of certain clothing towards me and my other 4 younger sisters.

Yeppp that’s right. My Dad has 5 daughters and me, being the eldest, and his first practice of having a daughter before the other 4 appeared……boy was I glad that they appeared, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to survive being the only girl and being hovered by Dad and my other 4 brothers.

Ohh yeah, hehehe… Dad also has 4 sons.

Hi everyone, it’s me Andrea here with another true story of my childhood up until today so…….


I am the firstborn of both my father and mother followed by 3 brothers, 3 sisters, another brother, and lastly our youngest sister. When I was born and being a girl, you could say my Dad was SUPER- protective like all Dad’s…….I’m sure. Growing up hasn’t been easy, especially when you have completely given up on wanting a sister after 2 other siblings and by the 3rd sibling….all hope for a sister was lost. So before my 2nd sister decided to have a dramatic entrance, all the girly toys and the attention of Dad was on me, not to sound braggy but that’s what happened.

Like all girls, I have dresses, tiara’s, wigs, butterfly wings, wands, and even ….dare I say it, HEELS!!!. I use to play tea party with my Mom and King & Princess with my Dad wearing all my pretty, sparkling dresses and everything that goes with it.


There was only one tiny little problem…..

Every time I wear a dress or a skirt, no matter how long it is or how short it is, my Dad, the King of my little kingdom would always, ALWAYS have me wear long pants or tights or sweatpants or pajama pants under my dress or skirt.

**slams head on the table**

And if the dress I am wearing does not have sleeves or short sleeves he would make me wear a huge oversized t-shirt over it or under it.


This is what I would plan to wear for our tea party or for our King & Princess game.



And this is what I would look like after the King’s “ALTERATIONS”

My Dad dressed me like this to the point that I got comfortable with it, up to this very day. Even when I was a student wearing school uniforms which consisted of a long below-the-knee green dress, I would wear huge basketball shorts underneath and I never stopped till this day. Dad buys me pretty-looking dresses in my teen years and I would still be thinking “hmmm, which basketball shorts go with this one?”



The basketball shorts underneath all my dresses and skirts. **smiles triumphantly**

My Dad is a bit proud of himself that all of his daughters are not too keen on showing skin, not that anything is wrong with it but it’s just how we are and my Mom is still trying for us to leave the basketball shorts out in every occasion we wear a dress on.

With my 21st birthday party around the corner, my Dad humbly requests me to leave the shorts only for a day whereas my dear Mother has opted to hide them until the end of the party. Thus proving my point in all my blog posts to just BE YOURSELF AND BE COMFORTABLE. I know my parents mean well but they still don’t know where I keep my emergency basketball stash and I think I’ll be fine and comfortable at my party.

That’s it from me guys 🙂

Have a great day

Andrea Kings.

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