Consider this: “Go Luxury Boho”! as a new Fashion Trend

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Are you ready for the cross-cultural explosion in fashion? The new diversity and unity in fashion? Are the designers ready, to embrace the limitless and infinite world of merging color and fabric of every culture, luxury Boho like never before? Read on to the end…

It’s not about the 60s or 70s and it’s not about interior design. Going ‘Bohemian’ or ‘Boho’ and ‘Boho-Chic’ can yet become an upgraded fashion trend, when we surpass the cultural ties that have been attached to it over the years. But will you “Go Luxury Boho” giving a twist to existing Boho designs, to set the trend, so that this line of fashion, becomes the twentieth-century fashion ‘Go’?
Bohemian Style

The background of Bohemian

Some call it ‘Hippie’ and others know it as the style of the Gypsies and Moroccans. However, when one can visualize this line of apparel, without the culture and tradition, it’s actually quite cool, casual and festive. I have always admired the prints that are used and incorporated into boho wear. I appreciate the fall of the fabric chosen and the cuts. The cozy and comfortable breeziness of these styles, carry with it,  in my view, flare and pizzazz.

Go Boho fashion
Go Boho
Bohemian Style

Let’s consider some of the history attached to the Bohemian style. According to Wikipedia, Boho-chic, was associated with actress Sienna Miller, Kate Moss a model of the UK and Mary-Kate Olsen an actress/businesswoman in the US, although certain elements of this style became popular in the late 1960’s and even further back. The term Bohemian, applied to people who lived unconventionally as travelers or refugees from central Europe (French Bohemian “Gypsy”)

Why should we consider going “Luxury Boho”?

Fashion trends tend to circulate. The styles of the 80’s are seen again in the 90’s and so on. Why not consider, a cultural expression, and make it a trend. A passion for any fashion can bring the fashion back to life. It all depends on the tweaks and twists applied. The desire to bring to life the sometimes dull or lifeless appearance, that could make us refuse to wear the bohemian styles, is enough passion necessary, to add luxury and life to boho apparels. The fabric and fall of most bohemian or boho clothing, has colour. The prints and designs are exclusive. Anyone can spot a boho fabric or a boho style.

Bohemian and Luxury


The feminine look, the covered body, and the mix and match cohesion that is possible with boho fabric and designs, are infinite. For example, many changes and adjustments can be incorporated using boho fabric and styles. It can be merged with modern designs and clothing, giving a twist to the conventional boho, with sophistication and class. This is what would make “Luxury Boho” a hit fashion trend.

The highlights of “Luxury Boho” as a new global Fashion Trend

It’s all up to the designers now! Whether it’s you, your tailor, your idea or someone else’s vision for this new, trendy, classy, hit fashion trend to come to life, it has to begin somewhere.

Consider the following benefits and highlights:

  1. This new trend, will utilize fabric, accessories and colour, like no other fashion trend can.
  2. It will make use of the variety and availability of fabric and prints, bringing diversity and unity to fashion.
  3. There will be no borders and boundaries.
  4. No limits.
  5. This will be the cross-culture of fashion, the global trend, the cosmopolitan style, the multi-ethnic trend.
  6. No longer will we overlook the African, or Indian fabric and prints.
  7. No longer would we wonder whether or not to buy oriental clothing, or wonder whether or not to wear the oriental prints.
  8. We would no longer forget, that details, threads, frills, edging, and ribbons exist.
  9. The boring and drab would come to life.

The “Luxury Boho” wear, will utilize every fabric and print that exists, and any that may be created. There will be no limit, to the designer’s imagination. The infamous mixing and matching, will be like never before. Consider it!

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