Color Correct Your Perfect Imperfections!


Having dark circles, acne scars, and pigmentation on the skin is quite common. But while doing your make-up, if you directly apply a concealer on your dark circles, they seem grey or ashy. Rather than hiding it away, your concealer had made them more prominent to get noticed. So here you simply don’t need to conceal your perfect imperfections, you need to color correct them.

Color corrector is used for those areas on the face that needs to cover or neutralize. It hides and corrects those imperfections of the skin such as dark circles under the eyes, redness on the face, acne scars or pigmentation, and discoloration.

Color Correct swatch

Color Wheel

The basic rule to color correct is to understand the color of the problematic areas you need to hide. Then only you will be able to choose the proper shade that may work effectively. To determine which color corrector is needed, follow the color wheel. The colors that appear opposite to each other, cancel one another out. So as it appears, green cancels out red, orange cancels out blue and yellow cancels out the purple hues on the skin. This neutralizes your skin tone getting it ready for flawless make-up.


After prepping and priming your skin for make-up; are you ready to turn your face into a rainbow? Let’s see how this rainbow transforms into flawless-looking make-up.


Orange Corrector

Orange, red, or peach colors are used for dark circles or pigmentations. These shades will cancel out the hues of bluish-purple on the skin. The peach color is used for the lighter skin tone, while for warm, dark skin tones, red or orange will work just fine.

color correct orange

Green Corrector

A green color corrector is used to correct the redness on the skin. It might be from rosacea, sunburn, or red acne spots. It cancels out the redness making the skin look even and ready to apply the foundation.

color correct green

Yellow Corrector

A yellow corrector is used to brighten the dullness and even the skin tone. It helps to hide any blemishes that are in purple hues from veins, bruises, or dark circles.


color correct yellow

Purple Corrector

Purple color is used to brighten the dull, sallow-looking face. It simply brightens the complexion by removing the yellow undertones from the face allowing it to seem more bright and fresh.

color correct purple

Guidelines to Follow

Always remember, less is more. Apply a thin layer on the specified areas, a thick layer will show through your foundation. Dab the product into the skin with the help of a damp beauty blender, allowing it to sit for a few minutes. Don’t drag your foundation all over your face; this may move the pigments all over the face undoing all the hard work. Apply foundation in a similar dabbing motion with a damp sponge or a blender to make sure the color-correcting concealer stays in place.

One more thing to remember is, not to get carried away with all the colors, so just apply the ones you need to correct in the more visible problematic areas. The less noticeable or mild blemishes are going to be covered with your regular concealer. Apply the rest of the make-up and appear as flawless as ever, but keep in mind makeup always enhances your features; you are beautiful with all the flaws and perfect imperfections.


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By Siddie F.Kay

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