Coffee For The Skin


Do you believe in the saying, ‘Life begins after coffee’?

Well, I do; I simply cannot imagine my day starting without a cup of coffee. All I need is a cup of hot steamy coffee in the morning to wake me up and brighten my day. But, ever wonder, coffee can brighten your skin too. So lets talk about coffee for the skin.

Coffee has several benefits for the skin. The antioxidants present in the coffee bean help to exfoliate the skin, help in the treatment of acne, skin tightening, reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes, and cellulite reduction, and it’s good for the lips, feet, and hair too.

Adding some coffee to your skincare routine helps you to exfoliate your skin. Make an exfoliation scrub using some coffee, sugar, and a few drops of lemon juice at home and apply in a circular motion as a scrub. Be gentle on the skin while scrubbing to avoid any redness caused. This scrub helps in removing the dead cells from the skin layer and improving blood circulation.

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Coffee helps in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Cellulite appears because the bacteria enter the skin when the pores are clogged with oil and dead skin cell, thus causing the appearance of pimples and acne. One of the reasons can be the dehydrated cells in the skin. This is the main reason, it is always recommended to drink more water if you want to have glowing skin. Applying coffee mix with a few drops of water on the affected areas helps in the reduction of cellulite.

Coffee seems to be beneficial in the reduction of puffy eyes and dark circles as well. Add a capsule of Vitamin E in coffee and apply under the eyes and on the dark circles. Vitamin E mixed with the antioxidants in the coffee causes the blood flow to increase and removes the surplus water from under the eyes. Be gentle while applying near the eyes, as it is the most sensitive area on the skin. You will see a noticeable difference in a few days, thus resulting in de-puffed eyes and less visible dark circles.

Regularly applying coffee mixed with some water with the help of cotton balls, May help in anti-aging too. It helps diminish the appearance of fine lines, redness, and sunburn on the skin, appearing your skin young and smooth.


Mixing coffee with a few drops of coconut oil can be used to exfoliate your lips. Gently massage on your lips, leave it for five minutes and rinse it off with water. The cracked and chapped lips are gone, appearing super smooth.

Rinse your hair with coffee brewed in cold water can balance the pH level of the hair and scalp. It’s helpful in the improvement of dry, damaged, and frizzed hairs.

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As coffee scrubs prove to be great to exfoliate the skin of your face, similarly while mixed with some other ingredients, it can be used to exfoliate your feet as well. Mix coffee with, Epsom salts and olive oil, then apply on your feet, gently massage, and feel the magic. It will relax and soothe your feet after a hectic day at work.

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Having just a sip of your favorite coffee wakes you up; it does the same for the skin too. Apply coffee in the form of DIY facial masks, scrub, or serum, it evens out the skin tone, soothes your skin, and enhances the glow.

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By Siddie Kay.

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