Catwalk in the Closet


Fashion to me is a statement designed by the personality, about itself. We choose the way we look, feel and move. What we wear is the icing on the cake.

I am a trendsetter. I use my unique tastes and preferences to set the tone for my mood. My confidence is then expressed in what I choose to wear. I believe the goal should be to remain confident that whatever the mood, the chosen attire, should reflect the confidence. This should be the goal.

Ultimately the style and trend are born from the synchronicity of confidence, mood and attire. The fabric, colours and cut may be unique or common but, when it attracts attention, it becomes the trend.

Any unique combination of colour, fabric and design can become a trend. The personality of the wearer and the venue determines the attraction which sets the trend. 

Catwalk in the Closet…

catwalk in the closet

Photo courtesy of Anastasia Shuraeva

Our personality plays a role in the choice of clothes we wear. Many of us tend to wear what doesn’t suit us, especially when choosing Career Wear.

 As women, we need to consider our sizes when choosing attire that is not only suitable but also complimenting. What we wear must compliment us.

Slim women should wear longer, slimmer cut sleeves or spaghetti straps. Sleeves that are slim cut can also reach below the elbow. The neckline should be a turtle or V cut for elegance. The length of the dress pants should be all the way down or midway calf below the knee. Shorts are optional. Skirts should be below the knees but not as far as midway calf if too slim. For the midway calf, it should be cut tapered or pencil. The blouse should be slim cut not fitted. For a career, the blouse should be slim yet loose, not tight. Two-piece or suits should be carefully cut to fit as close as possible and slim especially for jackets. The best jackets are low V with one button at the navel. Pants should be tapered or pencil. For crop tops, the fitted will be best. Frills should be avoided. Flare skirts and dresses should be considered and preferably gore or A-line cut. Black should be avoided if too slim but can pull it off when not too long for dresses and skirts that are slim fit. Stilettos are a must-have and also boots.


Plus Size

For the plus-sized woman, I find dresses and skirts to be quite appealing when cut to reach midway calf below the knees. Ankle-length dresses and skirts work well. The fabric should be medium-heavy and if the light should be lined. Colour affects the plus-sized woman. So careful consideration to colour preferences should be taken. Go for darker or black shades if you want to appear smaller or slimmer. Two-inch heels work best for the plus-sized in my view.

As men, the attire must also suit the built. Tall and slim men should consider having slim fit shirts and pants along with slim but loose fit jackets. They should avoid too many mixed matches and jackets that contain buttons at the front. Although there are occasions when button jackets are suitable, tall and slim men, should carefully choose the undershirt and avoid the type as much as they can. Leaving a few buttons free at the neck and chest will bring out the handsome in the tall and slim man. Folding of the sleeves of shirts up to midway between the hand and elbow will also look masculine and elegantly casual but handsome.

By Tricia Brown

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