Brooch: Ways to Incorporate in Your Wedding Day


A wedding has a lot of small but essential details. Small jewelry pieces can enhance the overall appearance and the fantastic venue. Vintage pieces were popular among particular couples, adding to the wedding’s exquisite appearance. One popular vintage jewelry piece incorporated into the wedding is the brooch.

There are various methods to incorporate them into your wedding décor and style. Furthermore, it is well-known as an heirloom present. A bride receives the cherished small item from her grandmother or mother is vital. So, it is significant to incorporate a brooch into a wedding to honor the family.

In today’s article, we’d love to share different ways to use a Vintage Brooch in your wedding—fashionable overall wedding decor.

Unique Ways to Wear Brooch at Your Wedding


You can use your cherished brooch in a variety of ways. For example, it can add to the bridal dress ensembles. With all the wedding trends today, the pin has also become one of them. However, it can also provide an elegant look for other elements.  Like the bouquet, cakes, furbabies, headdress, and even something old, new, and blue. Here are some of the unique ways to have your precious brooches on your wedding day.

Bridal Look

*Butterfly Flower Diamante Pearl Sweet Women’s Brooches

On a wedding day, the bride is the center of attention. The bride’s overall appearance, including her hairstyle, bridal gown, purse, and shoes, will surprise the guests. However, the guests observe and admire even the smallest detail of the bride’s look. It is one way to enhance the bride’s fantastic look. A lovely bride can wear a brooch in any of the following:

  • Customized Headdresses with brooch
  • To your wedding gown, pin a brooch
  • To your standard garter, add this.
  • Add to “Something Old and Something Blue.”
  • Clip it into your wedding purse.
  • Add some glitz with some vintage brooch in your shoes.
  • Clip into your wedding shawl

Brooch Bouquet

*European Alloy Figure Vintage Brooches


Nowadays, a different approach to a bouquet is fashionable and popular at weddings. It complements the bride’s magnificent bouquet as she walks down the aisle. You can meet some florists or designers who produce a beautiful brooch bouquet. A whimsical beauty of the aromas, gorgeously created by Amanda from Fantasy Floral Designs, a creator of Brooch Bouquets.


*Rhinestone Flower Alloy Overgild Elegant Women’s Brooches

A memorable and customized wedding cake creates a delicious and elegant look with ornaments added with a small shinning brooch.

Table Decor

*Trendy Leaves Brooches

A brooch gracefully arranged on the table’s top. Pinned into the table linen or added to candle holders and vases as a centerpiece. It is ideal for a luxurious and vintage theme.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue

*Alloy Water Drop Vintage Brooches

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue is a well-known traditional wedding phrase. For example, this conventional practice might accompany an ancestral or a favored new brooch on your wedding day.



*Copper Zircon Inlaid White Rose Women’s Brooches

Take your pets down the aisle with you. Tag or pin your dog’s favorite brooch to their outfit, or wear it around their neck.


Lovely brooches attract many brides, and incorporating these jewelry pieces will create a more glamorous look for the bride and venue, aside from the significant value.  Brooch or jewelry provides more meaningful and unforgettable moments for a wedding. Clips or pins in flat lay photographs are a unique decor. It is also a fantastic way to capture your style and legacy in one place. It is a keepsake that will last long after your wedding day.

We hope this article helps you add significant accessories to your wedding day!

Author: Jhofeliza

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