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bras and blazers

Bras And Blazers Are The New Hot Combo – This Is How To Actually Wear It.

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Bras have had a bit of a rollercoaster ride over the past few years. During the pandemic, some people ditched them all together while working from home, relying on a very precise screen tilt on video calls to colleagues. But if bras were a bust (pun intended) throughout lockdown, they’re now having a boom.

Because according to women in Paris, the bra should no longer be taking a back seat to clothes. In fact, it should be the star of the show. You heard us: underwear as daywear is officially in business – and you better get on the bandwagon this week before the weather becomes prohibitively cold.

Chiara Totire

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If all this talk about bras in the wild is making you feel worried, let us reassure you that the way real women are wearing them isn’t as intimidating as you might imagine. Because the bras new best fried is the blazer. Scout Willis, Demi Moore’s daughter, appeared wearing a black knitted version with a double-breasted jacket. Paired with high-waisted trousers so that only a sliver of skin was actually exposed to the elements, it was an elegant take on the trend that didn’t read as ‘naked’ so much as nonchalant.

Scout Willis at Paris

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Influencer Chiara Totire took a styling tip from Katie Holmes, queen of the cashmere bra, with a ribbed bralette that matched her skinny flared trousers. Her checked blazer, again, was so big that it almost entirely obscured her hands, proving that balance is key to this particular combo.

Obviously, this is a look best saved for out-of-office hours. And of course, for those who don’t feel comfortable showing their bra in public, how about testing the waters with a sports bra or crop top? Influencer Nnenna Echem wore hers with a similar formula – swapping the blazer for a retro-inspired varsity jacket – and kept the strip of bare tummy between top and trousers. Go on, give it a go before it starts snowing.

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