Best Underwear Styles for Women


Men have boxer briefs, male jocks, and compression shorts for keeping their male genitals safe, what about women? Do they have “women jockstraps”? Let’s find out.

Before we dive into the styles which are recommended for your gym classes, let’s understand why workout underwear is considered the need of an hour?

Just like men, women love staying in shape and for that, they spend several hours in the gym lifting weights, doing backbends in hot yoga, or running on the treadmill. So when you are doing so much to burn those extra calories, sweating will occur and there is nothing more embarrassing or distracting than a pair of underwear that, irritates you down there and doesn’t let you focus on your workout. Therefore, wearing a pair of underwear that is breathable and letting your vagina live his life like Simran (all the Indian’s out there will understand and if you are not an Indian, you have to watch DDLJ for this example) during workout or exercise is very beneficial and important. Another factor that you need to look at while picking up the underwear is it should be designed such a fabric that is quick-drying.


Thongs are considered skinny. These provide you a good amount of leg movement due to which the person wearing it feel very light that’s the reason why they are recommended for your beach time but if they are made out of nylon or polyester or are blended for example nylon-spandex, you can wear with your fitness clothes. If your pair of underwear is snug-fitted, you get the chance to flaunt that sexy booty.


Boyshort underwear is made like a real “short” and extends longer on the leg and offers full back coverage. These are different from your thong, tanga, Brazilian, or bikini cut due to an extra side and leg coverage. When you workout in boyshorts made for you( in the right size) you can focus on your movements better because they hug your curves without restricting. Also if your boyshorts are designed in natural fabrics like bamboo, nothing like it but if they are made out of synthetic fabrics like a stretchy breathable mesh, it works like a cherry on the cake.



“Briefs, Surprised! Why? Because you have always heard men’s briefs and not women’s briefs, well it’s the 21st century and you need to update your lingerie knowledge sweetheart.

Briefs are a type of women’s underwear that offers front and back coverage and is capable of providing you great comfort. If you are someone who prefers low rise over high-waist briefs, they do come in that variety. Wearing nylon and polyester briefs with your running tights is a great idea.


Hipsters underwear is a collaborated version of two styles bikinis and boyshorts. One gets a great amount of coverage due to boyshorts and bikinis let you flaunt your figure due to its figure-flattering fit. It would be great if you wear nylon and polyester-based Hipsters for your gym or yoga classes.

These are styles that can be considered for your exercise, there are styles that are not recommended for workout sessions so it’s better if you wear them on the beach or during foreplay. These are G-string.



G-string is a form of underwear that includes little fabric and string-like waistbands. Although they make you feel great, still I don’t suggest you for exercises especially lace ones.

Besides styles, they are a few tips which we need you to take care of. Underwear which is baggy, lacey is good for your foreplay and when you feel like spending some me-time because such a pair of underwear can add too much friction down there therefore classic cuts are the safest option.

By Munmun Sharma

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