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For most people, going on holiday tops the list of favorite things to do. With the Summer season upon us, it ranks as the best time to go explore and have fun. I personally love going on holiday despite the constant stress of deciding what to pack. It is a norm to tend to pack more stuff than we actually need. From clothing to shoes to skincare. Intentional packing is a mindful skill we need to adapt in order to save us from burdening ourselves with unnecessary luggage.

Skincare is an essential part of our everyday routine. Not only does it keep our skin hydrated it also provides it with a layer of vital ingredients that keep the skin in good condition. Traveling at times leaves our skin dehydrated and this is why it is necessary to carry our skincare kit to ensure our skin remains at its best.

In this article, I will share some of my best skincare must-haves to take on holiday.

1. Sunscreen

This tops the list of my holiday skincare essentials.

SPF is a critical part of skincare, especially in the warm summer weather. Sunscreen prevents damage from the harmful UV rays, promotes hydration, and protects us from sunburns.

2. Sheet masks


As I mentioned earlier, our skin is prone to dehydration when on holiday.

Sheet masks help to rehydrate our skin and keep it glowing and flourishing. You can opt to use sheet masks as part of your night routine where the skin has enough time to reset before the next day’s activities.

3. Facial cleanser

This is a must-have travel essential. A facial cleanser deeply cleans your skin to remove dead skin and sweat off your face allowing your pores to breathe.

Cleansing is a necessary skin care routine that should not be avoided while on holiday. You can opt to buy a moisturizing cleanser that keeps the skin clean and supple.

4. Facial wipes

Facial wipes are a vital skincare product you should invest in when going on holiday. Especially if you will be out exploring for the most part of your holiday. Facial wipes come in handy as they give you an opportunity to clean off the sweat and dirt build-up as you go about your activities.


They are not only easy to use but also keep your skin fresh all day long.

However, facial wipes should not be substituted with a facial cleanser. Facial wipes are handy during the day when you going about your business, it keeps the skin clean and fresh, but remember at the end of the day, you need to wash your face thoroughly with a cleanser.

5. Hydrating moisturizer

This helps to maintain healthy and hydrated skin preventing breakouts and excessive dryness while on holiday.

It can be used for both day and night-time skincare routines, to lock in moisture and give it a youthful glow.

In addition to your skincare essentials, it is important for one to stay hydrated; choose drinks that will hydrate you and also avoid makeup as it tends to dry up the skin and that’s something we are avoiding while on holiday.

These are my top 5skincare products must have when on holiday. It is important to keep your skin well-maintained and hydrated. You no longer need to pack extensively while there is the option to carry a few products that will work well to keep your skin in a good condition through your holiday.


Best skincare to take on holiday

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By Peninah Mwangi

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